First of we received transfers on Saturday and turns out that Elder Palacios left and went to a his first area where he started and so he didn´t go very far. He is still in my district. So I will see him every tuesday. Haha! But Elder Candia from Paraguay went to Punta Alta(my first area). I am not going to lie I was kind of jealous. But Elder Wheelwright is still here and his companion is from Uruguay (Elder Chapuis). Then I am still here and my new companion is a yankee from Utah! He only has 6 months in Argentina and waited for his visa in California. But I he just barely got here and once he showed up we had to come to the Ciber to write so I didn´t get to talk to him very much. But his name is Elder Thompson. I feel like he is going to do a lot of great things. He has a great spirit.

As well this week was pretty good it went by too fast like the rest of them. And  Elder Palacios was a trooper because he was sick this week but he kept working. And it was really great working with him. We are hoping to have a baptism on Jan.25 for a chico that has 10 years. Martín has been coming to church with his grandma and cousin. So right now week are planning on working hard and helping people come through with their commitments so they can make it to baptism. 

I just ask that you can pray that y may be able to find those that are prepared or a miracle. But I love you all and I hope to hear from all of you before I get home is 6 weeks! Have a BLESSED WEEK!

Love You,
Always and Forever,
Elder Colton Schroeder

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