How are you all doing? I miss you a so much and I really hope that you are all doing well. I am doing great. I am just so tired of sitting. Today we had a zone conference and then on Sunday we had a stake conference with Elder Christofferson and on Saturday we had another conference with half of the mission and Elder Christofferson. And I now my legs are feeling really restless. I am so ready to get walking and working and the blood flowing. Haha. And the "F" on the key board is giving me such a hard time. It keeps sticking. UUUURRGG!!! haha

So anyways to inform you the the baptism of the lady that got married, yes was baptized on Saturday. And it was a really well put together baptism. It was really cool to see all the support that she had from her friends and family that are not members but they seemed to all have enjoyed it.

Then as well the conference on Saturday was really good they talked about how our mission calls are not casualties. and that the church isn't just a good place but its the kingdom of God on the earth. And how we need to bring the spirit with us in order to edify others. But Elder Christofferson talked about many other things. I love his wife! She speak quite a bit of spanish as well. Its really cool that she has taken the time to learn. And on Sunday he talked about the 3 responsibilities of the original apostles and how he has the same calling. 1)Feed the sheep 2) Proclaim the gospel 3) To be a witness of the Lord. And he applied it to everyone of us because really we have to same responsibility. But it was really good.

Then Do you remember Claudia that was going to be baptized? I hope that Im not speaking too soon but she got another job and she is working for a hotel. Yesterday in the afternoon we found her son with a family friend and they told us that she started this last saturday and that she has Sundays off now. So we are looking forward to go by on Tuesday and see if she is still interested in being baptized. So I feel like this is a miracle. I am praying and for now not giving my hopes up. Well her and her daughter can be baptized. 

So I am doing really well and I am loving the mission and my companion and there is a lot of potencial in Mar del Plata. Hope all goes well. You all are always in my prayers.I love you all and miss you tons!!! HAVE A BLESSED WEEK!!! 

Love You All,
Always And Forever,
Elder Colton Schroeder

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