How are you all doing? It´s so good to hear from all of you. And it always feels good when you open your email and see that you have all these emails from friends and family. But I am doing really good. I am super happy and content here in Mar del Plata. I can´t begin to explain. We have been working so much or else we have just been having a lot of success. Or maybe its both.

Just so you know, remember how I was telling you that there were five Elderes living in the house? Well You know what now one of those Elders is training. Dont worry its not me. Haha. But now there are six Elderes living in the house and its definitely a house full. The schedule in the morning is crazy. Haha. But so far its been pretty fun. The new Elder Just barely got his visa but he is from Honduras. So I am living with a Honduran, Mexican, Argentine, Paraquayan, and another Yankee. Who would have ever thought. Its pretty cool learning about other elders and their cultures.

So any ways I have a job for you guys. Last Monday we had a FHE and then they gave us dinner. So we were eating and as I was eating this meat I was thinking that it would taste like chicken. But it wasn´t chicken. It was something that an investigator hunted. Its called a carpincho. I have no idea what it is or what it looks like. But what I understood is that its basically like a giant rat. so I was wondering if you guys could look us carpincho in Google search and send me a picture. Thanks!

I was telling you that we have been working hard. well Its true. And It feels great. We have actually been finding a lot of people to teach. in one day we found 8 peolpe. It was seriously a miracle and they all excepted a baptismal date. MIRACLES!!! So it was really cool. I am learning a lot from Elder Perez. He just has this way with people and people just love him. I am saying this as a complement but he reminds my of someone that would be on a disney channel show. Just his facial espressions and the things that come out of his mouth. He is really funny. I love him. Its pretty great that we can work together and learn so much from one another.

So I have some more news this week we are planning on having 2 baptisms. I am super excited. We really feel that these people are prepared, Claudia and her daughter Milagros(Miracles). But we are really excited and we are are doing our  best to help them know the ward members and they just love it all. I love when members want to leave with us to work and help others come unto Christ. Members mean so much in missionary work. I Dont know if I said but I am super excited to work with the missionaries when I get back. But of course I am not focusing on that.  

But I am really sorry that this is so short but I am super happy to hear you are all doing good and I love you all so much. I miss you a ton. And You are always in my prayers. I hope that you have a Blessed Week now.

Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Colton Schroeder

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