How are you all doing? It sounds like you seem to be doing pretty good. I am doing pretty good as well. I don´t know if we had too much happen this week but it was a good week. I felt we worked pretty hard. So I´ve told you that it was pretty cold, right? Well last Sunday it was really cold but what was really weird is that the weather was really nice this week. And on Wednesday it was 34 degrees Celceus which is really warm. You might have to find a converter to know how  much that is in Ferinhiet. But I was sweating especially because we  went to the branch presidents farm and we did some service. We where pulling the plastic nylon off because it was all riped and it was like 
20 years old. Its kinda hard to explain what we did but it was pretty 
Then on Saturday we had service again but this time we where laying brick and putting a roof on a house of a single sister in the branch with 3 children. It was really a cool experience but we were there all day. It felt good that we were able to help that family because they didnt have a roof over there bathroom but now they do. and we where doing it too because there should be a pretty big storm coming it. It comes every year about this time but we should be seeing rain wind and 

Oh before I forget but can you believe that 6 weeks have already passed by and so transfers are happening. We will see what happens though. Elder Bird only has 6 more weeks after this week. SO we will have to see if anything happens this time. We have been together for 
almost 6 months now. Crazy! Haha. Its been great! :) 

Then on Friday we visited a sister in the Branch and she is having problems with her health. I think is called vertigo or something. Like she balance is off. So she asked for a blessing and she asked Elder Bird if he would do it. It was really cool I love went I can participate in giving blessings. Then Yesterday(Sunday) We were asked to participate in a baby blessing. First time, It was really cool. It really makes me happy to see when  a baby is blessed. 

on Tuesday we found a new investigator, Soledad. She is really great. She has listened to the missionaries before. And we had a member with us and it was really great because when you have a member you have someone that can clearify things better. But she excepted a baptismal 
date but she still needs to come to church but the down side is she is getting ready to move to Bahía Blanca sometime and she doesn´t know yet. 

Juan and Daiana are doing alright but they aren´t progressing which makes me sad because if they don´t choose a date to get married this transfer we are going to have to drop them. We are still hoping to find Marcelo and Silvana but its pretty hard finding them right now. :( 

So We did have a great lesson with one of our investigators if you remember the girlfriend of the member, Andrea. Well she is suppose to get baptized this thursday but she still needs to have her interview. So we are super excited to see a baptism this week. We had a lesson about the sabbath day with her and that could be why she doesnt get baptized. Because she works on Sunday. She said that she would talk to her boss about her schedule. So I am praying for her. 

Oh and something super cute. There is a sister in the branch that we went by her house one night right before we had to retire to our house and she said will you guys come by my house in the morning and drink some milk so I can receive some blessings. It was just great. SO we did and she gave us Chocolate milk and cookies. Super sweet. 

Well I got to get going I love you all and I hope that you all are doing good I miss you a ton. I just ask for you prayers and you are always in my prayers every morning and night. I hope that you all Have  A Blessed Week Now! I Love Y´all! 

Love Y´all, 
Siempre Y Para Siempre, 
Elder Colton Schroeder 

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