Hola Familia!

How are you all doing? I am doing GREAT!!! I am loving every moment. I don´t like telling you this but this week was really rough. This week we weren´t having much luck at all. In fact we were pretty down and then to add to it Elder Bird was sick.

So as I was saying we were having a pretty rough week and we weren´t able to find any new people to teach this week. Then Elder Bird wanted to work but he just want doing so good. And then we had divisiones again and I went and worked in Bahía Blanca with a missionary from El Salvador. He was pretty great it was a good break to speak spanish the whole time. I say that because sometimes when your with an American companion its easy to start speaking English. But I was able to help Elder Palacio(From El Salvador) with his Engish. So he wanted to learn the word ´Got´ and ¨Get´ and let me just tell you that those are not easy words to teach a latino because that word doesn´t exist. haha. 

So on Saturday we had an activity for the branch and it was a lot of fun. We were kind of worried that not very many people where going to show up but then all of a sudden all these people showed up and at first I didn´t realize who they were and then I saw Juan in the crowd then I realized he brought all his nieces and nephews. It was so funny. It was great. We ended up doing a carnival. and if you won any of the games they gave you a ticket for everytime you won and then you turned your tickets in for candy at the end. It was a break. Jaja.

So Yesterday(Sunday)  we were in sacrament meeting and I was sitting there listening and then all of a sudden the branch presidents son that is 4 years old walks up to me and he makes me hold my hand out and then he gave me a high five and then he picked up my hand and made it touch me forehead. I wasn´t sure what he was doing and then he put it in front of me again and then with quite abit of force he smacked my hand into my face. And then I heard a sister start laughing. and So this little Bolivian child made me smack myself in the face. Then I had to stop him. Then the sister was giving me such a hard time about it. she said I don´t know why but I looked over at the perfect time and she said that no one else was watching. It was pretty funny. I love little kids they are just so clever and seem so innocent sometimes. Haha.

Then When we were working yesterday we just finished talking to this man that was super hard and didn´t want anything to do with us and I just felt terrible after but then as we continued down the street we saw this young man watering a plant. So we just went up to him and asked him if he could share a message with him and it was really cool. His name is Jesús and he is only 17 years old but he excepted the invitation to pray and to be baptized. Miracle!!! So we did find one new person. and so Elder Bird was just super excited and wasn´t really thinking too much and gave him a baptism date for for two weeks out and the people have to come to church at least 3 times but he excepted anyways. So when we left I looked at the calendar and told Elder Bird he cant be baptized on that day. So he was like oh no what do we do. and then I said, "I don´t know we could go back." So without hesitation Elder Bird started walking back and then we knocked his door to see if we could change his baptismal date and he said, "Yeah I still need to talk to my parents too." Never have I once gone back to a house and do that. I was great and really funny. Like Trev once told me love the uncomfortable.

Alright so know I dont have as much time to write because before we were given 1hr 30min and now we only have 1hr. And as well I will be getting on the computer earlier for now on. So starting at 8am your time I will be getting on the computer. Just so you know so you have to email me before 850 or I won´t get it. thank you for everything I love you and I miss you all a ton. I hope that you are all doing great and that Jeremy has a great birthday today and that mom you have a great birthday the 15th. You are in my thoughts. Have a BLESSED WEEK now!

Love Y´all,
Siempe Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder    

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