Hola Familia!

How are you all doing? Boy this week flew by super fast. Sounds like you had a good week. I am glad to hear Mom´s tests came back with good results. That´s cool that the Schroeder side of the family is going up to Idaho. You will have to tell them all´Hola´ for me and that I love them. 
So I dont feel like I have too much to tell this week because I can hardly remember what happened this last week. Sad is what it is. I have to tell you that I feel like my memory is getting worse and worse. We received transfers. And I can remember yesterday pretty well though just because I feel like so much happened.

So I will start with yesterday. Sunday was a pretty great day. We did have three investigators at church. WOOT WOOT! But then during sacarment meeting Juan leaned over and told me that he had to leave early and I told him to wait till the end because there was only ten minutes left. Then he said there is something I want to talk to you guys about. And after the meeting we walked outside with him and he told us that he was having problems with money and that he didn´t have any food for him and is girl friend and his little boy so he said he had to go and to his house to see if there was something that he could find to sell. So as we were talking I felt so bad that he had to leave and then the taught came to me that the branch president can help him. So then the first counselor came out and told me that I need to teach to the sunday school class because the teacher again didn´t show up again. So I was freaking out but trying to be cool about everything. Then Juan walked back in to grab his jacket that was hanging inside. So I told Elder Bird what came to my mind because Juan wasn´t there.Then Elder Bird told me to go and tell the branch president to see if he would talk to Juan and he said yes of course.

Then Elder Bird went with Juan to talk to the branch president and I went to go and teach the class. I was just super stressed. Then I just told the class that I wasn´t prepared and so I told them that I would need there help. The the Sister Alonso said let´s sing a hymn and I was like alright and I asked her to pick one and to lead. and she was super excited and then the Sister Marita played the music on her phone and then as soon as we started singing I just felt the spirit and the love and willingness of the branch. I couldn´t help but tear up. Then it was my turn to teach and it was rough at first because I didn´t understand the manual. But then I was able to finally get somewhere where I was able to pick it up. Well we ended up reading two verses and then we just spent a half hour talking about those two verses. But I could explain how grateful I am to have had that experience and the spirit that I felt and the love and support for the branch members.

Then the class ended and then I talked to Elder Bird to find out what happened. Elder Bird said that it went pretty well. The Branch President explained to Juan about Fast Offerings and he said that President gave him a bag of food and Juan didn´t want to except it because he was a little embarrassed. Then the branch president didn´t take no as an answer. Elder Bird said that Juan was a little upset that I said something, but then he said at the end he was really grateful that we were really concerned for him. So Juan is doing good. It was really cool to see Fast Offerings in action. I always do my best to be generous in my fast offerings and I know that its there to help thoughs that are in need. I know that Fast offerings is very important and that we are blessed when we pay them.

Well transfers just so you know, I am still here in General Cerri! :) You will not believe this my companion is from BOISE! and he is really cool. He is really funny and he loves wakeboarding. He is really chill and he is really good with the people and you can just tell that he loves the the people alot. He has a lot of ugly ties but thats something that he finds beautiful. He is super happy and smiles all the time. I already love him. His name is Elder Bird! Haha yes we are still companions. It will be 6 months(four transfers) that we will be together. Crazy Huh?

Well that´s all I got for now. But I am doing good I am excited to
have another transfer with Elder Bird and we are looking forward to
baptizing this transfer. I love you all so much and I miss you a ton.
I hope that you are doing well. and Dont forget to tell everyone
´Holaj¨for me. Have a BLESSED WEEK now!

Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Colton Schroeder

Ps my dog bites are going good no worries. ;)

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