How are you all doing?! I am so glad to hear from you tis week. I am glad to hear that everything is well. So I just want to let you know that I am doing great. It wasn´t to exciting of a week no like last week. I made it a week without getting bite by a dog. I am starting to walk around with a rock. Luckly Argentina´s dogs are smart enough and realize that we you have a rock in your hand they wont come near you. Haha.

So this week has been freezing. Just so you know the houses here are all like cement blocks pretty much so and they dont have nice heating systems like we do. So this morning when we woke up it was 45 degrees in our house. Haha. SO I totally understand why they tell us to bring sleeping bags so we keep warm at night. And its been so cold and you can feel it through your clothes. I am super bundled up no worries. I were about 5 or 6 layers of clothing. Haha. And to add to it all its been raining. So you get all muddy because all the streets are all dirt and then you might just get wet feet. But its great. People think we are crazy. 

So can you believe? Right now is winter break! and They don´t even have Christmas to celebrate. Instead last Saturday was Friend Day. Haha! Argentina likes to make up rediculous holidays. I love it they are such sensative people.

So Sunday was great. We had a branch conference and the stake leaders came form Bahía Blanca and we had three investigators at church. And then a less active family that we have been working with came and they were super excited and had a great experience and then a less active sister came that we had been visiting. But anyways Juan our investigator came and he wanted to talk to the stake leaders and it sounds like he had a really good interview thing with them. He talked to them for like two hours. It makes me happy to see leaders that are so willing to give attention to others even if they aren´t members.

Just to let you know. Beef Jerky doesn´t exist down here. And one day Juan was talking about it and he explained that it is something that he wants to try so bad. And so I gave him a little to try and he was so content and happy. He is great.

So this week we had the goal to contact 40 new people in one day. And its not very easy when you have plans and when its cold and not very many people are outside. But on Friday we finally did it. and it was so great when we achieved it. Then after that we ended up going by an exinvestigator of ours and it turns out that his girlfriend left him and she took their son and so he wasn´t doing so good. But we were able to teach him and he explained that he wanted to change. So he said he would start reading and praying and so we saw that as a big blessing after a crazy day. 

Well I got to go my time is up but I love you all a lot. Oh and Transfers are this Sunday so we will find out what happens but I still think that I will stay here and Elder BIrd will be leaving. I let you know what happens though. I love you and I miss you a ton. You are always in my prayers and I hope that you all have a BLESSED WEEK!

Love Y´all,
SIempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder

Ps Sorry I couldnt send the pictures of the dog bites. My computer wasnt working.

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