How are you all doing? Elder Schroeder is doing SUPER!!! Haha! It was really good to hear from you. It was really nice getting the little update on the missionaries in the ward. I am so glad to hear they are doing good. And I am super excited to her about Ryker and his mission call. Before I forget I want you to know that received my debit card and the to Conference Ensigns. By the way thank you so much. I still need to activate my card but the Ensigns are so great! I cant tell you how great it is to be able to read conference. I am pretty sure that I will receive at least one package tomorrow.

Yes P-day was great last week who would have thought that we would go hunting with homemade slingshots and shot whittle pigs in Argentina with a Paragayan. Haha! Quite the esperience. :) Today was really tranquilo and it was really nice outside. Elder Bird wanted to do an asado and so he was cooking outside on the parillo. And while he did that I was doing laundry and then I cleaned up the backyard because we cut the grass last week and we still had to clean up all the grass. And then I got to clean the bathroom and Elder Bird swept. It was really nice to just take it easy today.

Mom to answer your question the monsalve family is Claudio and Mariana and their to children. And the girl we ran into the street and is the girlfriend of the member has excepted the calling that I know of quite yet because she said she hadn´t asked her dad´s permission to be baptised because she has to be baptized in order to accept the calling. But she has to figure out what she is going to do.

So this week I had a REALLY GREAT week. I had divisions again this week on Wednesday and Thursday with my district leader. It was really great. I really appreciated the time I had with him and I learned a lot from him. So this is actually his last week too. And in those todays we found 5 new investigators a lone. That is really good. But during divisions with Elder Cunningham I learn quite abit about myself. I wish I could explain just how I fill and the things that I learned but I dont have that much time. 

Oh and the guy that we went hunting whittle pigs with, Juan, We had a really good lesson with him and he finally came to church the for the first time out of the 8 years he has known the missionaries. He is really great like a lot of people he has made some mistakes but he is ready to change his life around completely. He has excepted to be baptized on the 13 of July and I really believe that he can make it and he is going to follow through. 

So this upcoming Sunday is a pretty big day, RIGHT?!?! First of all its Father´s day and Second of all it´s MY 21st Birthday and thirdly its TRANSFERS! Haha honestly I dont feel like I am leaving General Cerri and I dont know if Elder Bird is either but I do feel like Elder Bird would be the first to leave. But if I do end up leaving i think it would be pretty cool spending my birthday in a double decker bus (because that is how people travel town to town  or city to city if they dont have cars) in Argentina. But I Want to make sure that I tell Dad and all of my Bothers Happy Father´s day (I know Trev isn´t a dad quite yet but you never know it could happen).  
I hope that y´all are doing GREAT! I miss you a ton. I am loving every minute I am here. I love you all so much and I hope that y´all have a BLESSED WEEK now!

Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder :)

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