How are y´all doing?! I am doing great. I am so excited to hear from you. You know once I opened my email I say my first email and it was from Dad. It read "New Upgrade" and attached to it was a picture of a new camping trailer. Haha that just made me so happy. Of course I love it. It was funny when I saw that picture be here you don´t see anything like that and it made my realize how nice dad´s truck is. I do miss the way that cars look like  in the States because all the cars here are like eggs on wheels.

Oh so we received transfers on Sunday which is weird because we normally receive them on saturday. So we can buy our ticket at the bus station on Saturday and then your bus leaves sometime sunday night. But something about this country is really weird. A lot of  people go on strike or protest. For example, school starts at the beginning of March and school but the kids didn´t start going to school until April because teachers where on strike. But this weekend the bus drivers that drive these bus that take us missionaries to our new areas were on strike and they still are on strike. But neither I or Elder Bird got transfers. But Elder Graveville is suppose to go home this week I hope that he makes it in time to give his talk on Mother´s day. I am sure he will but you will have to let me know if he makes it home in time. 

So the missionary work is moving a long but pretty slow right now. But we have been working like crazy. But it seems like it will be speeding up again this week. So this week we did find a pretty sweet new investigator named Nelson. He isn´t married but he is living with his girlfriend and their one year old daughter. He told us that when he was a little kid he remembers his mom listed to the missionaries and that he has a Book of Mormon. But when we taught him he was really receptive and lately it seems like all of the other people we have taught haven´t been too receptive. I am sure he will be great. I am definitely praying for him. Oh and Mariana, I think I told you that she was starting to shut down on us but last night we had a really great lesson with her. She told us her doubts and she seemed to humble herself and accept that we are only their to help and so I bet that she will be baptized this transfer. And I am sure that Carolina will be baptized this transfer too. I cant wait to see what will happen.

Oh so one day Elder Bird and I knocked this door and an woman named Maria answered. She looked at Elder Bird and said hi in Spanish but then she looked at me and she just started talking to me in German. And then after a minute she realized that I had no idea what she was saying and she asked us where we were from. Turns out that she grew up in a German colony that isn´t too far from Bahía Blanca. I have been asked a lot if I am German. But people ask me with out looking at my last name. Its pretty funny. I guess I have some pretty strong german traits or something.

So this week is going to be so great am so excited. On Friday we have a 70 coming to talk to us. Then on Friday I am going to receive my package. Haha about time! And then on Sunday I GET TO SKYPE MY FAMILY!!!!! I am super excited. So I am going to call on Sunday at 2:30pm your time (so it will be 5:30 out time). I hope to here that you went to sacrament meeting at least because I will be sure to ask you. 

Well my time is come. I have to go but I can´t wait to see all of your faces. I miss you and I love you a ton! I hope that you have a BLESSED WEEK now! Happy Mother´s Day!!!

Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder

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