How are you all doing? I am doing great. I hope that you are all doing wonderful. It has been a good week. There definitely some hard times this week. But every week has those. Right??? Haha.

I will start off with the not so great stuff. Florentina, the older woman that the sister missionaries were teaching before, she told us last week that she wanted to be baptized. Right? So what happened. It turns out that her older daughter that lives practically in front of the church came over to her house while we were there. But she didn´t come in. So turns out. That she has offended her daughter and now Florentina doesn´t want to be baptized because she will be betraying her daughter. Pretty sad. But I do understand and we don't want to cause any contention in any family that is the exact opposite. But I like to think of Job and he last everything but he was still faithful to the Lord. 

Then the other sad thing was that Mariana has been closing down on us. She still participates or listens in the lessons but she has stopped reading The Book of Mormon. And I am pretty sure she is going to stop coming to church. And and then Carolina was not baptized because when another elder came to do the interview she got really shy and didn´t want to do the interview. 

Alright now we are going to talk about the brighter side of things. The Spirit definitely touched  Claudio´s heart and he made it to his BAPTISM! He is great! He was super excited and so prepared. Then the baptismo went great! We did not have a very big turn out but I am going to blame the rain because the roads here get super muddy and a lot of the members have cars. But it was really great. Elder Bird baptized Claudio and it was actually his first time baptizing someone. So it was definitely special for him. And after the baptism me and Elder Bird started to empty the baptismal font and there is this pump that shoots the water out the side of the building. It was pretty funny because Elder Bird and I walked out for a second and Claudio followed us so we showed him this water shooting out and we told him, "Look your sins." He just loved that and you could just see him glowing. I love baptisms!

Then also this week me and Elder Bird started a fast on Thursday. And so far its been pretty good we haven´t died or going crazy yet. But really dont worry its just a fast from english. So we are speaking spanish 100% of the time. Its been pretty great I have been pretty surprized how well I´ve been doing.

Oh and before I forget I want to tell you a little about my p-day. Well I guess there isn´t too much to tell but it was really fun. We went on an adventure. We went to the pier that is about 30 minutes out of town if you walk fast. And we wanted to go and see the the two old ships that are (I don´t remember the word in english) but the ships are stuck there and they can´t move them. But anyways we went there and we played with the little crabs and stuff and we talked to a guy that was fishing too. It was just great.

Well I got to get going I love you all a ton and I can´t wait to hear from  you next week. I miss you and I am looking forward to see you all on Mother´s day. I dont know where I will yet or who my companion will be because we have transfers this Sunday. But I hope that I could be with Elder Bird another tansfer. But I hope that y´all have a BLESSED week now!

Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder

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