we got to talk to colton for a few minutes on mother's day. he's doing GREAT and looks amazing! here is his letter! short & sweet. 

Hola Familia!

How are y´all doing? It was so great to see you yesterday! I hope that y´all had a great Mother´s day! I sure did enjoy it. Of course here it didn´t quite feel like mother´s day because mother´s day is in November or something like that. But I really I am so glad to see that everyone is doing good. I did miss seeing the Belnap Family and Jeremy and Calleen and there little ones and Kara and her Familita. 

But I accidently forgot my list of things that I wanted to say. Sad I know. I seriously cant remember what I had writen down. But I will be sure to tell you next week. Anyways, I want you to go to the DMV to get the form that I need to fill out in order to extend my license. then I want you to tell me the imformation that you dont know and that you need. And my last package was just great thank you! The peeps weren´t hard and niether were the beef sticks and beef jerky. but you can always send me new ties and you could probably hide thinks inside. Oh so I think if you want to send me vitamins you should take them out of the bottles and put them in plastic baggies and hid them in a candy box like mike and nikes. and then reseal the box. Just be creative. I just know when I shaked the box it sounded like there where a bottle of pills inside. 

Well thank you so much for everything. I hope that you all have a BLESSED WEEK!!! love you and miss you tons! 

Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder

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