Man I miss y´all! How are you all doing? I hope that you all know that I am praying for all of you. I am doing good. I had a great week. Oh and the weather haha Well its cold. And everyone keeps telling me that it is going to keep getting colder. The thought kind of scares me but I am sure I will get use to it but the cold here is really humid. So it a lot different. I like the the dry cold that we have in Idaho. Haha!

So the license think I just didn´t want to retake "The Test". haha so I guess I could wait.But mom thanks for going and checking for me. Thanks for sending my debit card but I don't know how I am going to be able to activate it from here but I will let you know when I receive it. Oh so if you haven´t sent my birthday package yet will you do me a favor? Send me my green beanie(it should be in my room maybe in my big black snowmobile bag) and maybe a pair of my ski socks. Haha. I am sorry to ask for so much and if its to late or you cant find anything don´t worry about it, PLEASE! I am not going to die. Oh but I do have a question do we have a recipe to make homemade ice cream by hand. If so you think you could send it to me?

So the last time I wanted to tell you somethings in my last email I brought my list haha. So first of all, in the mornings when my companion is in the shower I am eating and when I am in the shower he eats. And so he took a shower first and so I was preparing my food. And Elder Bird bought some oatmeal and told me that he like to eat it cold in his milk so i decided I would try it and I mixed some corn flake and put a little bit of sugar in it and I had no Idea what it was going to taste like. Lets just say that it tasted really weird but I ate anyways. So after I took a shower my Elder Bird asked me; "Elder Schroeder why didn´t you through the milk away? because it is rotten." Haha yeah pretty gross huh? I don´t know why it didn´t dawn on me. Then we just were laughing so hard. 

You know what happens when you are in a small branch? The missionaries talk about every other Sunday and I feel like I am running out of topics haha. no but really its great I learn so much. But as well. We teach every week and sometimes it the not just to class for the new investigators but Sunday school because the teacher doesn´t show up anymore. So I have never improved a class before until mother´s day. But It seems like everything ended up going really well.

Then this last Wednesday we had a surprise and we had divisions. And it was with the assistants. But it was really good. I learned so much from them. But that was the coldest day of them all. The wind was blowing and it was freezing and then part of the day it was raining too. It was quite the experience. I love being a missionary!

Well I have to get going but I love you all a ton! I miss you and I am praying for y´all! Y´all have a BLESSED week now!

Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder

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