Querida Familia!
How in the world are you doing? I am doing great. It has been quite the week. Sure went by really fast. I hope that y´all had a fantastic week. Because it was Dad´s birthday and Dad and Mom´s anniversary. So I better answer all of your questions Mom. Haha! First of all, the weather has been really weird. It was pretty cool(as in cold) and then after all the rain it got really warm again and now their are so many mosquitos now. This is pretty random but there are a lot of flies here. Haha. I have not received my package yet but I should get it this week sometime or next Tuesday. But no worries because the it should be in the mission office now. Oh and if you want do send me more vitamins you might want to wrap them before packing them or hiding them in a different container in the package. Yes this week on Tuesday we received our beds and a table. I didn´t realize how nice it actually is to sleep up off of the floor. and it is really nice to have an actual table. haha :) 

Oh before I forget but I just want to tell you before I forget but I have been having cravings for indian fried bread with meat beans and cheese and of course HOT WINGS!  Haha. (You should probably take note of these kind of things.) ;)

I am loving General Cerri! Julian is great. Oh and the branch secretary, Elvio, baptised him. Then this week we are planning on baptizing Julian´s little sister, Carolina. And we had a little surprise announcement yesterday after we visited them which was a miracle. Carolina´s dad, Claudio, asked if he could be baptized with Carolina. And the cool thing was is that the first time he came to church they came to the last session of General Conference and he loved it and before he explained that he was pretty much atheist and didn't believe in God but he said that took away his doubt and then he came to sacrament meeting the next Sunday for Julian´s confirmation and then he came this Sunday for all the meetings and then he said that he received his answer that he needed to be baptized as soon as he could. MIRACLE! And after church he read the President Lorenzo Snow manual for 6 hours. Crazy! So the only one left is the mom, Mariana. Remember, she is the one I told you about when we first met her and she said she was catholic and didnt want anything to do with the church but its ok if Julian listens, Then later when we passed by she explained that she feels the same (The Spirit) like when the sister missionaries where there. But she is just being stubborn. But I didn't think she would be the last one getting baptized. Oh and something funny was after Claudio told us he wanted to be baptized he was telling Mariana that she should get baptized to and she said no not yet. And then pretty much told her ´Then keep living in your sins´. It was super funny.

Then we met with an older woman that the sister missionaries had taught before and when we came over. She said she has been waiting for us to come by and she explained that she wants to be baptized in the church so we are hoping that she has true desires. He problem is her daughter is very Catholic and doesn´t like our church and lives practically right in front of it so she is scared that her daughter will see her. But faith brings miracles.

Well that's all I can think of that was exciting this week. Oh yeah today we finally cut a lot of our grass and we did it with an electric weed eater. It took two and a half hours. Haha. But it felt good getting dirty and working outside. Well I hope that y´all are doing great I love you a ton. I miss you and I can´t wait to hear from you next week.  Y´all have a BLESSED WEEK now!

Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder 

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