¡Querida Familia!

How are y´all doing? I am doing really great. I have some news to tell you! And we did have transfers too. But really I am so glad to hear from you and hear that everyone is doing good. So mom I am going to answer your question about Easter here. But the people don't really celebrate it like we do. It seems to be more laid back. haha that´s really all I know about Easter here. :) 
So I am going to start off with the good news first. Mom, the package that you sent made it here to Bahía Blanca. The bad news is that it had vitamins and apparently my package was the fortune one that got chosen and they checked it and so they said that I need to go to the doctor in order to receive my package so I can receive permission that is ok for me to take. But I think its pretty pathetic a little bit because its only vitamins. Haha. But no worries I will be able to get it in a few weeks. But maybe you shouldn´t send vitamins. Sorry. But something else you could send is a bottle of the prespot concentrate because I already have the squirt bottle.

So transfers came and it is pretty crazy. So we received the call on Saturday morning. We found out from the zone leaders that Elder Searle will be training for the third time and he is going to stay in Punta Alta. And for me I left. You want to know where to? You will never guess. Bueno my new area is called General Cerri and that me and my companion were going to got into the area "BLIND".  Which means that neither of us know the area or any of the members. So at 8pm I had to leave Punta Alta and go to the bus terminal in bahia blanca and there I met up with a lot of other elders. Then I got there just after 8 and then I met up with the zone leaders and he told me that my companion wasn't going to come until 7am but they had to wait for another missionary and we weren't going to leave to terminal until 1 and so we were up late. We went to the house to sleep for a few hours but we then woke up at 4:45 in order to be at the terminal before some more elders would get there about 6am. But then a little after 7 my companion arrived, Elder Bird. He is great and he is from Boise, Idaho. Haha My second companion from Idaho. 

So we have some more news. When we got here we were told that we dont have a house in our area and so we have to take a bus to Cerri every day for probably at least a month. So this is a going to be a little complicated to explain though email. So before there where some elders that were living in cerri but at the end of their transfer they were both taken out and then they put in sister missionaries and they refused to live there. So the sister missionaries where living in a house with other sister missionaries and all the stuff is in the house with sister missionaries. So we are hoping that tomorrow we will receive the map of the area and the records. So for now we are living with the zone leaders. So this will be my second time going into an area blind. It will be a great adventure.

So I really am really excited for this transfer. I will be sure to tell you what General Cerri is like. Haha.

No but really I loved the time that I was in Punta Alta and I learned so much. I really loved the members there. I have seen great changes there since I have been there. So of the less active members have found their way back and that has had a big impact on me and know for them too. We have see for baptisms and Bochi will be getting baptized this week. SO it will be really great for the new missionary that Elder Searle is going to train as well. I am just really excited for her and her family because they are progressing froward. I am so grateful to see the progression that people make by alining their will with Heavenly Father. Punta Alta (Members, Investigators, and Companions) have made a hug impact in my life. I love being a missionary!!! :)

Well I have got to go but I love you all so so much! I miss you a ton. Y´all are always in my prayers. And if their is somthing that you would like me to pray for something imparticular I am here. Because the only thing that I have control over rightn now is prayers and working. I love you all and hope that you have a BLESSED WEEK! 

Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder

Ps So we just received permission  that we can now email our friends and our recent converts. Crazy huh? :)

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