Hola Familia!

How are y´all doing?! I am doing great. I am feeling a lot better this week. So we have been pretty busy this week too. That´s a really good thing. No worries! But you know why it was a pretty busy week because we had a baptism!!! It was great! The 15 year old girl that Elder Vaterlaus and I taught was baptized on Saturday! The baptism turned out really well and quite a few members came and supported her. I am so happy for her. 

So Saturday was a crazy day! In the morning we had service and we helped a member build his house. But then we were running late because we then had lunch with some members and we were about 10 minutes from Punta Alta so finally we got on the bus to take us back to Punta Alta. But then when we got to the casue of the family that was feeding us the food wasn´t ready quite yet and we were stressing because we still had to go to the church to fill up the baptismal font and so we left there house to go fill it us and then it turned out that the water heater wasn´t working and we didnt have a lighter to get it working so we just started filling it up and then we hurried back over to the member´s house for lunch and then they feed us. It was pretty funny because one day they asked us what we wanted for lunch and so Elder Searle was like I love meatballs that are big and so guess what we had baseball size meatballs with our spaghetti. It was a lot of meat and you know members they want to make sure they feed the missionaries well so she pilled three of these bad boys on my plate I was soo so full. Haha! but then afterwards we went back to the church to check the water and it was pretty much filled so we stopped the water and when to the house to change and shower because we were still in our service clothes. Then when we were at the house we got ready and we grabbed the lighter and went back the the church. So when we got there we got the water heater working but then we where draining and filling the baptismal font at the same time so I am pretty sure all the hot water was just getting sucked down the drain.

So Paula gets the the church and when we find her she is crying. I was a little freaked out because I wasn´t sure what to think. But she was just really really nervous. Oh she asked me to baptize her so then we both got changed. We didn´t take pictures of us in white because she was so nervous and still crying. Then the thing started and it was really nice and the Spirit was strong. Then when we went in the water she said; "Hace frio" and I felt so back because the water was so soo so  cold. Elder Searle said when he saw me in the water something didnt look right because my face was super red but the water really was COLD! No but then she did great she only had to do it once. But afterwards she just stood there and soaked it in and a hug smile came to here face. Its amazing to see the people make the decision in there lives to change. I love it! 

Then the mother of the ward mission leader, Bochi had her baptism interview on Friday and she is getting baptized on the 30th of March. We did the interview two weeks early so they could announce her baptism in sacrament meeting. We would have had her baptism this next week end but its stake conference and so she would have to wait a week to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost in sacrement meeting. SO that is really exciting but the sad thing is I am pretty sure that I will not be here for that because transfers are at the end of this week and I am pretty sure that I will be leaving Punta Alta. But you will find out next week where I am at. Almost  8 months in Punta Alta! Crazy! It really has been great here and I am seriously going to miss everyone. I am not going to brag but I know this city like the back of my hand. Haha ;)

Well I have to get to work but I love you all soo so much and I Pray for you all the time. I hope everything is going well. You all have a blessed week now!

Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder

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