How are y´ll doing? I sure to miss you a lot. And Mom and Dad I am glad you both got to go to Arizona and spend time with the family. It sounds like you had a great time but I hope that you  gave them a love from me. :) 
I am sorry I don´t have too much to say this week. But this week was New Years. I hope you all enjoyed it and that you told Grandma Schroeder happy birthday for me. So yes again we did stay up past twelve and went on the roof to watch the fireworks. That was a lot of fun. But I was so tired at the same time. Also this week we had a zone conference that was good. President Parreño talked about our new goal for the year and some things that we could do better. We didn´t make our baptism goal of 1000 but we did have 884 baptisms in our mission. That is more than they have had here in 15 years and at one point they had 500 baptisms in 9 consecutive weeks. Crazy huh? So we are a little disappointed that we didn´t make the goal but we are super excited that we have did better this year. Then Hermana(Sister) Parreño talked to us a lot about taking better care of our housing and our appearance and health. Because if we have any problems with those things we talk to her. But we learned a lot for everything that was shared. And that was on Friday.

On Thursday in the morning, we had our interviews that we have every three months. It went pretty well. He just asked how my studies were and my comp and my area. But everything is going good. Oh and everytime we go to the office they hand our mail or if anyone got packages to us. I have been pretty lucky to get a dear elder pretty much every week from someone. But you might let Lisa know that I haven´t seen a package yet, maybe tomorrow because we will be going to the office for district meeting. 

Oh and today for P-day we didn't do anything too fun today but we did got to do a intense cleaning of our house. I actually really enjoyed that. Now our house is spotless. You would be so impressed. Oh and this morning during companion study my comp tickled my side and so I stood up to get him back. He really isn´t ticklish except on his forehead so I was attacked but not on purpose his leg was behind me and swept me off my feet.we had a pretty good laugh. 

Well I am sorry it pretty short and not too interesting. But It really was a good week. We have just been so busy I haven´t even had time to reflect on what happened this week. But Yes mom I will be able to skype home on Mother´s Day too! I love y´all so much. and y´all have a BLESSED WEEK now!

Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder ;) 

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