How are y´all doing? I am doing great! Still loving the mission. :) So talking about cold weather, let's just say I miss it but honestly I don't think I could put up with it right now.
It is getting so hot here. Its getting up to 40 degress celsius. It sure has been a weird year this year with two summers. haha! no but really some nights it doesn't cool down so you are just laying on top of your bed with arms and legs spread apart. SWEATING! It makes you really appreciate air conditioning. ;) I will get use to it again though.

But it is getting close to that time again....TRANSFERS! They are on Sunday night. But like always I wont know anything until the day before and you wont find out till the day after they happen. But all I do know is that Elder Vaterlaus is going home to Boise because his two years are up! And I will be getting a new companion. Who knows, They might send me out of here. I have been here for 4 transfers or almost 6 months but you will find out but I don't doubt that I will still be here in Punta Alta. And I will be content if I am. This transfer will also be 9 weeks long instead of 6. Oh yeah and today Its my 10th month mark in the mission. Crazy time is sure flying!

So the work is going great we have some pretty great investigators and we are planning on having a BAPTISM this weekend for Jennifer. I think I told you a little bit about her but she is 12 years old and is so excited to be baptized. Her mom wants to get baptized to but right now she cant because she is living with a man that she isn´t married to. but they are working on that. Its just hard to get someone married here. Then we found a family and they also aren't married but they have plans to so things are looking really good with them and they guys mom is a member of the church to.

Then we had divisiones with the zone leaders this week too. It was really interesting because it was so hot and it was so crazy because I couldn't even count how much I drank of juice and water and soda. But it was a lot of fun. I was with Elder Villagra in Punta Alta and he is from Argentina. Its was nice being able to practice my Spanish for the last two days.

Alright well I have to go but I love you all so so much and miss y´all a ton. I hope that you are all enjoying the blessing that the gospel brings into our lives and the love that our Heavenly Father has por every single one of you. Y´all have a BLESSED WEEK NOW!!!

Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder

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