On Christmas, we all got to talk to Elder Schroeder. It was such an awesome experience! He looks super good & is really happy. He seemed extremely different {in a good way}. He has grown so much already and everyone is so proud of him. I'm sure he would love some more letters. At the top right of this blog, you can find his address. Here is his letter: 

How are y´all doing? It really was really great to see y´all and talk. Oh it was so wonderful. Y´all seem to be doing great. I´d say that it had almost been 10 months till I last talked to you. Its been a really long time. Honestly I know that I have the greatest family. Y´all are perfect for me. But when I talked to you on skype it helped me to be more motivated and excited to work because at this time its really hard to find people with all the holidays and right now everyone is on summer break.

I really appreciate when everyone shared one thing that they like about me. That really has helped me a lot. I have been reflecting on some of those things and trying to notice them more and now I am trying to make sure I am living up to the things that were said. I did write every little comment down from everyone after we skyped. And next time I will be asking that same question so y´all better think of something else to say. Haha! ;) Oh and next time we skype I think I might talk to some of you one on one first for like 5 minutes each for who ever wants to because it really was hard to come up with some things to talk about. Haha.

So the work is kinda slow right now but we are working hard. We are working with a woman and her daughter, they are from Paraguay, but the mom is living with a man and they are not married. But she loves the church, the thing is he is waiting for his divorce to finalize. But she wants to get married and be baptized but its going to be a waiting process with her. Her daughter those is almost 12( Jan 5, 2013) So we can baptize her after. She is so great though. Super excited and keeps talking about getting baptized. We have been working with them for over 2 months but the girl is planning on getting baptized on January 19th. But she has come to church twice and is reading a praying. Its amazing to see people changing and coming closer to Christ.

Oh I was going to tell you over skype but one day like 2 weeks ago we went to visit a less active sister. We were standing right outside of her door because we couldn´t go it. So she has this dog and he seemed pretty cool because Elder Vaterlaus would pat his leg and the dog would put his paw up to give you a hand shake. But as soon as we started talking and stopped paying attention to the dog, I felt something on the back of my leg. And it turns out the dog wasn´t raising his paw to give us a hand shake. But anyways, The dog´s front leg had a good grasp. He was a little excited and I was trying to kick him off. You could probably guess what he was doing but Elder Vaterlaus was laughing so hard. He said he had never seen anyone so red in the face. And the poor sister pulled him off of me. I was so embarrassed.

Oh yeah just so you know it seems like my toe is going a lot better. I don´t know how it happened but I don´t have that anymore. :) I was also going to tell you Brittany Pickett got her mission call to somewhere in Russia. Crazy huh?!?! I was going to ask you about the weather -  I am glad you had a white Christmas. It rained here on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas but those three days were super humid.

Family I love you so much and it really was good to see all of you and Lisa. It really was hard to press the red hang up button. Oh and I am looking forward to hearing from you all soon! Mom and Dad tell everyone hello for me in Mesa and Grandma Schroeder Happpy Birthday. Miss you and love you. Y´all make it a BLESSED NEW YEAR! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
Love Y´all,
Siempr Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder :)

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