How in the world are y´all doing with Christmas just around the corner? I am doing great. I guess I wasn´t very clear in my last email but I am still here in Punta Alta and everything is still the same. P-day will always be on Monday. No worries. So I am guessing y´all didn´t realize what yesterday was. It was my 20 1/2 birthday. I am now 20 and 6 months and 1 day old. Crazy! Hhaha! Please dont feel bad it really was a joke. But I have officially been on my mission for 9 months!
So tomorrow we are actually going to Bahía Blanca for our Christmas conference. All that I know is we are going to the plaza and the Hospital and we are going caroling. Its going to be crazy but I think it will be cool to do something like that and bring some more of the Christmas spirit. And I am not totally sure what else is happening but I know that it is going to be fun. Oh yeah we are going to have a white elephant gift exchange too.
So on saturday I got to experience a little bit of a Argentine birthday party. It was interesting. But it is tradition that they fill their cups with something with alcohol and they had like a sparkling cider but of course we didn´t have any or Micaela. Instead we had orange crush but you hold up your glass and sing their happy birthday song and then at the end they blow out the candle and then we all clink our glasses together and each glass has to touch before you can drink it. Haha it was Kinda funny.
Oh and one day me and Elder Vaterlaus were out contacting and we saw this lady in the street and she wasn´t looking very happy and so we gave her a card with Jesus on it. And then when she took grabbed it firmly and it crinkled and then she was very upset because she is Evangelist and then she just crumpled up the card. So we did as for the card back. I know that they dont believe in looking at images of him or anything but it was just very rude and she could have just given it back. But really I just felt so sick that she was disrespectful because really it was just a representation of Christ. But in that moment I felt so much disgust but so much more love for Savior. It really was a different experience but I am glad I am here Representing the Lord and preaching the gospel and standing up for what is right. No matter the situations we can definitely learn something.
But really not too much happened this week that´s too exciting. I am pretty excited about next week and to be able to talk to y´all on Christmas. So I am pretty sure that we will be skyping. The thing is we are 4 hours ahead of you. So we will need to figure out a time to do it. So What I need you to do is tell me the times that would be could to skype and name of the person´s account that you will be getting on. I will have the opportunity to check my email next P-Day and I will beable to email you back to let you know when I can get on beut I have to let you know that there are 3 other missionaries so I dont know how long we will have to talk. but I think that it is an hour. And I did change my username because I couldn´t remember my old one. my username is colton.frederick.schroeder
Well I love you all soo so much and I really hope that y´all have a Blessed week. I hope that you all are enjoying the Christmas music and all the corks and decorations. Becasue I sure do miss it! And I miss y´all a ton.
Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder

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