How are y´all doing? I am doing MUY MUY MUY BIEN! Or in other words really really well! I am sorry to hear that all of you are sick. I feel really bad I am praying for y´all. The Spanish is still coming I am learning more and more everyday but I believe it´s getting better. I am pretty sure that I will be able to talk to y´all just fine in English. Elder Vaterlaus practiced with me and I am living with some other Yankees. That´s what all the people call us here. but the way they pronounce it more like shawn-keez. Haha it´s really great! Oh and I can hardly remember any French. Pppffffff! Haha

So Elder Vaterlaus is now on his way home to Boise! It really is sad but it´s a happy occasion as well. I learned a lot of great things from him. I do have a new companion, Number 5 in the mission field is Elder Searle. He is from Utah and is from one of those cities that is crowded around Salt Lake City. But he is pretty cool and I found out that I he was companions with a missionary that was in my same group at the MTC and waited in South Carolina, Elder Pratt. Yes he is a descendant day Parley P. Pratt. Oh and he eats healthy so no worries ;).So where in Argentina am I now???? I am actually still in Punta Alta I am going to have at least 9 more weeks here that will be 33 weeks or 8 months. Crazy!!! Punta Alta really is my home away from home right now. Its great though.

The missionary work is going great! And 12 year old Jennyfer was baptized on Saturday and receive the the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday. It was the day before Elder Vaterlaus went home and he actually got to baptize her. It was really great and it turned out way good. We had other investigators come and Jennyfer´s family was there to support her. I think her mom will be getting baptized with in the 9 weeks I am here. I sure hope so. But then the other elders had an investigator come. Even a less active family that we have been working with came and supported. It really was a nice service too.

So yesterday(Sunday) was a pretty big day too. So first of we got to the church that morning and when we got there we forgot a paper that we had to take to the bishop to sign for the baptism of Jennyfer so we went back to the house to grab it. And let me just tell you to that the bishop assigned me to speak in church for the first time ever and I was already freaking out. Then one of the assistants to the President of the mission called and said that we need to call president to give him the address to our church building. When I over heard Elder Vaterlaus talking to Hermana Parreño, I really was freaked. Elder Vaterlaus just laughed because President Parreño was coming to our sacrament meeting. But when we returned to the church we were heading to class and we past by the relief society and saw the less active member that we invited to the baptism in class. It really was a miracle. and she had a great experience. But then we had three investigators come to church! :) In sacrament meeting President was asked to share their testimonies and so was Elder Vaterlaus. It was really good. I love President Parreño. well then it was my turn to give my talk honestly I was just praying and telling myself "sea tranquilo" (be calm). But I pulled it off and I feel like it went really well and I didn't struggle too much. But really the Spirit was there but all I remember is that it became so quiet and all eyes where on me. I felt confident. It was a great experience.

Well I have to go my time has run out. I love you all so so much and Y´all are in my prayers. Feel Better! Have a BLESSED WEEK NOW!
Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder

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