How are y´all doing? I am doing great. I miss you all a ton. It was so good to hear from you. Everything here is going great. Yes we did have a baptism this week too and it went really well. Dario is the newest member of the Punta Alta ward. And he really was prepared. Things really are coming a long great. I didn´t really tell you this before but my area was a dead area and there weren´t really any baptism only at the beginning of the year and he isn´t active and we can´t find him. But Since I have been working with Elder Vaterlaus we have been having investigators at church every Sunday and two baptisms. The ward is seeming to be more excited about the work now. Its great.
So I am a little confused what is happening but the original plan was that the day I come home was March 18, 2014. But since they changed everything with the ages with the missionaries there has been so many more missionaries. So they cut the time of 9 weeks in the MTC down to 6 and so its going to mess with the transfer schedule and so my return date is looking something like February 28, 2014. Three weeks less. I don´t know if that all makes sense but we can talk mare about it when it gets closer to time.
So I named my email "The Start of Something New" because its a new transfer. And fortunately I am still with Elder Vaterlaus. We are starting anew and we are hoping to do some really great things this transfer. And so I have been given the licience to kill because I will be Elder Vaterlaus´s last companion. And I am super excited but I am going to be really sad to see him go.
This week we had divisions to with the other elders that live with us and I was working with Elder Camejo in my area and Elder Vaterlaus worked with Elder Hoth in their area. But we were were having great weather but then during the day it just got super humid and then after like 2 hours we experienced a huge rain storm and we didnt have unbrellas or rain coats and so we visited to members but it wasn´t to productive with finding new investigators but it was pretty fun. Elder Camejo likes to tell jokes. Super fun elder.
Oh and one more thing one day when Elder Vaterlaus and I were out contacting we knocked this door and this lady answered and was really crazy but she was really sweet. If you have ever seen Emperor´s new Groove, she looked like her and she gesturers were exactly the same. but at the end we gave her a card of Jesus and she put it up on her mantle and then she came back to the door and gave me a little stuffed animal that was a little stained but she made me take it and so I carried this little stuffed animal around with me all day. Haha.
Well I am doing great and more than anything I hope that y´all are doing great. I miss you a ton and I am praying for you always. Y´all make it a BLESSED Week now!
Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder

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