How are y'all doing? I am doing good. It sounds like y'all are doing great! I am so happy about that. By the way, about being a fighter pilot. I just thought I would bring it up because I have heard it a few times from quite a few people that I look like one. People have told me that in South Carolina and here as well. I knew that it would have given you a little scare. I wanted my email to sound interesting. But as y'all know me, I can't lie very long. I was surprised I was able to keep it in until the very last part of my email ;) 

Yes, Mom, I did get your pictures! I love them-you look really beautiful. I can't see you in person but I can see you are glowing. You look so good and healthy. But I have to say that your phone does take pretty good pictures but if I wanted to print them, they would turn out blurry. But they look great on the computer. Thank you! Keep sending them! I miss you and miss seeing my beautiful mom.

By the way, I think I need to send you a few pictures. I just forgot my adapter for my memory card. So hopefully next week I will remember. But I do have some exciting news. Micaela, the girl I told you about, She was baptized on Saturday and was confirmed in sacrament meeting the next day. I am so happy for her and now we are teaching her friend. I might have already told you about that. He sounds like he is determined that he is getting baptized on el 8 de Diciembre and no worries, we are determined too. But let me tell you, I actually got to baptize for the first time ever and it was wonderful. Know what is weird but way cool at the same time. My first time baptizing someone was in a different language. But she is so happy and she was just glowing afterward and even after her baptism, she wanted to bear her own testimony. The spirit was just so strong. It was incredible. Isn't it great that God has created a plan so perfect, the work is moving forward. Elder Vaterlaus did get sick again this week but we were able to get an antibiotic that got him feeling well enough that he could go outside. So it wasn't that bad. I am just glad that he is feeling better.

So let me tell you, it has been raining here like crazy. Especially on Wednesday. It was raining so much that the streets were so flooded that your shoes would have filled up stepping in the street. Then, the water was running/leaking in through the back door. But then it was coming in so fast that I was trying to squeegee it as fast as it was coming in. Elder Vaterlaus was just laughing at me. Then, he explained that one time when he was in a different area, it was way worse. It was crazy. I am just glad that after a little while, it stopped, and then the streets were able to drain. 

One more crazy thing about Argentina. Ok, it's not that crazy, but as I have told you before, a big part of transportation here is bus. Old people especially old women have really good balance. I think they are something like sea legs. It's really impressive. I struggle at times moving about the bus when it's moving. Oh, and for awhile now, I have been seeing thing birds that look like parrots here. It's pretty cool.

Well I love you all a ton and I am praying for you every day.
I miss y'all un monton!
I hope y'all had a Happy Thanksgiving. 
I had meat loaf but it was pretty good. Haha!
Y'all have a BLESSED week now!
Love Y'all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder

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