How I miss y'all! It is so good to hear from you. I can't tell you how
great of a week I had. Let's just say that it has been so crazy but it has been so great.
I love Heavenly Father so much. This week we worked so hard.
So I didn't email you on Monday but that was because my companion had a
meeting in Bahia and then afterwards, they told the leaders to sacrifice their P-Day
and find new investigators. So that's actually what we did. And then the rest of
the week had been crazy because we didn't have any time to go grocery shopping or
anything or even write in our journals at night. But let me say that it has been so rewarding.
We were able to surpass our goals that we had set and we found a ton of more investigators
and we found a really great family.

So the guy that I told you about last week-he did except a baptismal date but we haven't
made it to church so he won't be able to be baptized until he starts keeping the commitment. We have
visited him but we have never found out if he has cancer or not but he isn't looking very good.

The lady with a baby has been having a lot of financial problems and so she has kind of
given up on life. This is what breaks my heart. If people just do what we commit them to do,
God will bless them so much but some people just aren't willing to mostrar their faith.

The 21-year-old is looking pretty set and she is really excited about getting baptized.
Oh, and I think the missionaries that get called to Provo Mission might spend some time
being missionaries online over chat and what not. You just never know now a days.
It's the age of technology. But I do know that those missionaries only committed her to
go to church and so she went and that's where she found us and now we are teaching her!

But what was way sweet was that we actually had 5 investigators come to church this last Sunday.
We are going to try to do the same thing again this week.
We are praying for miracles.
But that was the most investigators that I have ever had at church.
We have 4 investigators that are reading the Book of Mormon and they are loving it.
They are just soaking it up right now. It's great but I just hope that nothing will get in the way
of keeping them from living the gospel of Jesucristo.

So something I was wanting to tell you. Did you know that carpet does not exist here?
I don't know why but it just hit me and really..I don't think that people have any idea what carpet is.
And the water, even when it is filtered, doesn't taste very good. And so something that is
really big here is Tang. I have really learned to love it a lot. I can't drink water without it.
How have I never told you this but there is actually a familia Schröder here and they
pronounce their last name the same and so everyone in the ward knows how to say my last name :)
Hermano Schroder is so funny and he reminds me so much of Dad when he is 85.
It's so funny. He has so many stories and he always has something to say.

Oh, and I believe that it was on Wednesday that it was pouring on us and so we were
trying like crazy to find shelter because we didn't have anything to keep us dry from the rain storm.
We ended up finding a place but they didn't want to listen to our message but just
have a conversation. Which was fine. I just wanted to share this because afterwards,
we had ran into this white horse that was actually running toward us. It was pretty freaky
but luckily it turned around and ran the other way. Yeah, we were in the outskirts. Haha.

I want you to know that I am doing great. I am loving every minute of this and I am learning
so much. I love my area and the things that are happening. I love y'all so so much
and I can't wait to hear from you next week. Y'all are always in my prayers.
I hope that y'all have a MUY BLESSED week! ;)

Love Y'all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder

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