How are y´all doing? I am doing good. I do a little bit of a sore throat. But its not a big deal I just hope that I am not getting sick. I really hope that isn´t the case because that would really stink for Elder Retamales because this is his last week here. He goes to Bahía Blanca on Sunday and then on tuesday he flies to Chile. I really am going to miss him. I have learned so much from him and I really appreciate all the ups and downs that have faced, Or else I don´t know if I would have learn a lot of things otherwise. He is a good missionary. He is really a hoot and he could make anyone laugh like the grumpy old man who is about to slam the door in your face. I wish you could meet him! I dont think you would really be to understand him though. ;) So this week is the end of the transfer and I am pretty sure I will still be here in Punta Alta but I will have a new companion too. Time really does fly by way to fast. I can´t even believe Chris and Devin are already back from their missions. Its seems like it wasn´t even that long ago. I forgot to call you yesterday and tell you HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY!!! haha. No that is a joke about the call but I did forget to tell you Happy Mother´s Day from Argentina! They actually celebrate it the 3rd Sunday of October. And its really weird because all the other South American countries celebrate in May like we do with the exception of Argentina. Haha! And yes right now it is spring and everything is in bloom. I am loving it. I think that it rains every Monday and if not if feels like its going to rain and it rains on Tuesday. But today it has been raining. When the sun is out its pretty hot but right now its cloudy, humid and the wind is blowing in from the coast so its pretty cold today. I want you to know that I did receive pictures from GariLu, Lizzie, Calleen and Natalie this week! I actually found the pictures from GariLu and Lizzie in my SPAM. I dont know why but I found them. I was great to receive them. I am so excited. I will have to go another P-day now and get them printed. I can´t believe how fast everyone is growing up. But I can´t wait to see after my two years and see how much they have changed. I haven´t got any from Kara yet. This week has been really weird. I had divisions twice this week. When I was on divisions in Bahía I did some service again. It was for some members and we were digging a small trench thingy. It was like 3 ft deep 1 1/2 ft wide and about 15 ft long. it was really hot but it felt so good to do it. I think I like digging. My back is a little sore but no worries I didn´t hurt my back. And when I was on divisions the president wanted us to speak English the whole time with the exception when we talked to people. and Let me tell you that that was weird but it was really nice to be able to talk. Oh and I think I get kissed more on my mission then I did before my mission. haha! and while I was there I actually had my first Argentina asada(BBQ). It was pretty good. And Let me just say that I am so sick of the spiders. Sorry this is so short but I didnt have much time.I love you all so much and I really am super excited to have some pictures but mom I still need one of you and dad. And I actually got a pin drive and I was able to download the first session of general conference while I have been writing you. I am super excited. I can watch it on p-day! Y´all are always in my prayers. Tell Everyone Hi for me! Y´all have a Blessed week! Love Y´all Siempre Y Para Siempre, Elder Schroeder

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