How are y´all doing? I miss y´all so much! Honestly this week has been a really tough week but I am doing good. No worries. Let´s just say my companion has not been feeling to well so we haven't been able to work hardly at all. But some good things have happened.

We finally moved!!! The house is older but its so much nicer. And its bigger to so its nice to feel like we could breathe. And its super clean because when I didn´t have anything to do I would clean. Oh and today was really nice because the elders from the office brought a new washer for our clothes. Its going to be so nice when we get it working because I thing that it actually wrings your clothes ouf por you! You won´t believe this we have a MICROWAVE NOW! Its so tiny but its so nice. Oh how I miss the luxuries. I didn´t really think they were luxuries before until I came here. HAHA! Then we got some other new things to like a new stove.

I dont know if you know but I think the daylight savings is a USA thing. Because here we dont reset our clocks. haha. Who would have known?

Oh so conference was in Spanish. And I understood some of it but when they would tell stories I had no Idea what they were saying so I missed out on a lot. and on Saturday we were actually traveling because My companion is the district leader and he had to do three baptismal interviews so we had to travel during conference. But I did get to hear about the young men could leave at age 18 now and the young women can leave at 19. I thought that it was very interesting and I was very shocked but I think that it will definitely help with the missionary work because we definitely need more missionaries. This just shows that the second coming is definitely coming. :) 
Oh and here the priesthood session been at like 10 or 11. So we went to Bahía in the morning to the Mission office to watch it. And That one I got to watch in English with the other elders that work in the office that are from the US. It really was so nice and It was definitely my favorite session. Then we went to our church to watch The last two sessions at 2 and 6. Let´s just say I am going to order a Ensign and Liahona(Spanish). I will have to wait a month to read the conference. But that´s alright.

Today is actually Elder Retamales Birthday and we went to Bahía Blanca. We got permission from the president to leave our area and leave our zone to go to lunch and to the plaza. We went to lunch at a nice Chinese Buffet. I never thought a Chinese Buffet could be so elegant. haha. I ate octopus. it was really gummy and chewy. It didn´t taste bad though. Oh the restaurant is called Bamboo.

I am doing just fine. No need to worry.I am super happy that you are doing really well.

Well I am sorry but I have to cut this short. I love y´all soo much. I think about you often and pray for y´all always. I hope y´all are doing great. Y´all have a BLESSED week!

Love Y´all,
Siempre Y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder

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