Dear Family!

How all y´all doing? I am doing great. Mom I was hoping that you will send me a picture of you. I got Madison´s email and she was saying how cute you are and Lisa tells me the same thing and I am so curious to see how you look. I still want you to have the family email me pictures of there family. I cant tell you how much I think about y´all. I miss y´all soo sooo much. How was bear lake. Its weird to think you went to the lake in the winter but I forget that is summer there. Haha! Oh and Zach´s birthday is coming up this week too and Mckenna´s Hey will you see if you could email me a picture a picture of Zack and McKenna? I want one of Greg and Trinity too. Well I just want one of the whole family. Even the one that we took after Trev Got home from his mission.

Elder Retamales is a funny elder. He can´t say my last name but either can anyone else except for the elders from the USA. When Elder Retamales says it, it sounds like Elder Chroy-there. When people try to say it I just tell them after they try, "Perfecto". So nothing new but my snoring is bugging my companion. Haha he even recorded me with his camera and its pretty funny it made me a little homesick too because it sounded like Dad when he snores.  I have been thinking about the temple a lot lately too. Oh I miss it so much. I am looking forward to the day that I get to go. Speaking about temples the Buenos Aires Temple is going to be rededicated this Sunday and I get to go to see it in Bahía Blanca. I am so excited. I probably wont understand a word they say but as long as I feel the spirit it doesn´t matter to me. Haha!

People here are super funny here I don't think I got to tell you but instead of knocking on peoples doors they have gates in front of the house and you have to clap and then they will answer. The funny thing is when they answer they don´t always come out the door. They just open there window and talk to you from there is so weird I just find it funny. Did you see the picture I sent you? I didn´t have time to explain what they were but I think they are pretty self explanatory. Haha! The Keys are so weird, huh?! They all look like that. well except for car keys.

So You all know I still haven´t stopped dancing. No worries I´m still y´all´s Bubba I use to be. That part of me I am afraid will never leave and my children will have to live with the embarrassment. No but The other elders love it. They think I´m just a weird North American from the United States. Haha which is partly true. Oh and my Trainer, Elder Retamales is going to finish his mission in 8 weeks and he thinks that I am going to be training once he leaves. I feel that its definitely a possibility but I am really hoping that its not going to happen. When he leaves I will have almost 8 months on my mission which is crazy. Time flies by way fast!

Well I got to get going but Iove Y´all soo sooo much. Tell everyone hi for me! I hope you are all doing great! I will try to send pictures next week. And don't forget about my pictures. ;)Oh and today it is pouring. Looks like I will be walking in mud for the next few days! I love being a missionary!!!! :) Y´all have a blessed week!

Love Y´all,

Forever And Always,

Elder Schroeder

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