Hey, how are y´all doing? I miss you all so much. I probably told you about this but everynight I have dream about my family. I am doing good though. You asked about the Spanish. Let me tell y´all I have my days that I don´t understand anything and others that I get the majority of it and then I have days I dispies Spanish and other days I just love it. But I feel like its finally starting to really come. I am good at listening and following a story but then when someone askes me a question I have like a panic attack and I have to ask like 3 times what they asked.
I also forgot to tell you about the temple dedication it was way good. I loved it! I would tell you more but I forgot my notes. Maybe next time if I remember.
This week I went on divisions with Elder Camejo in his area of Punta Alta. And we were on division at like a very last minute notice. We were both needing haircuts and so we were walking about everywhere looking for some place that could cut our hair and finally when we found one we were lead to this shop and it so happens that a less active member works there and we didn´t know till after we walked out the door and she cam running out and asked when General conference was. It is so cool how we are lead to people. By the way, no offence to the lady who cut my hair but Lizzie does way better job. And Liz does so good and washing hair too. I can´t wait till Liz can cut my hair again.
There are fast food in Argentina but its not easy to find and its expensive. They do have Restaurants also but those are expensive too. And they do have pizza here but its not like American pizza. Its not as good. The food is good but I don´t think a lot of the food compares to the food in the US. Talking about food I actually have been forced to learn how to cook. Because we dont have microwaves here. Haha. Man I sure miss those things. They make life so much easier. I am slowly getting better at making pasta. Let me tell you the secret you can add mayo to anything and it will make it taste better. Mom when I come home will you make sure that you can wing me off Mayo. Its like my salt to my food. Oh and talking about expensive the worth of a peso just went down. It is now 6 pesos is equal to 1 dollar. Its so ridiculous.
Oh and something really dumb happened this week so we have to change houses. I dont believe I can say what though. So we might be moving this week. I am kind of excited because the other house will be only on block away from our area instead of 8. And it will be closer to the church and the bus terminal. oh and but the way one think about people here is they don´t have bubbles like we do in the US. On the buses I think they try to see how many people they can squeeze in those things and its so uncomfortable. Oh and I like to call our church here the church of love. Haha because part of the culture here is when people greet each other they kiss you on the cheek and you cant walk down the hall because everyone is kissing each other and people cant want by someone without kissing them. The only exceptions is the missionaries. We dont get kissed but when we are out working sometimes it will happen and you cant do anything about it. when you see someone walking towards you about to greet you make sure you hold your hand clear out there or else they will get you. Haha.
Oh and I wont bug you so much about the pictures unless it starts taking to long but one thing you can do is just send them an email and you can give them an email with my email address and tell them to send me the pictures because I can print them. Oh and I know that my siblings are busy with there families and work and with other things but will you bug them and tell that I would really like to hear from them. Well I am running out of time to write but I love y´all soo so much! I hope that y´all have a blessed week and I´m praying for y´all each and everyday. 
Take Care.
Love Y´all,
Alway and Forever,
Elder Schroeder

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