How are y´all doing? I am doing pretty good. Still trying to get a hang of the being in Argentina thing. I have never heard so much spanish in my life. I keep hoping that some one is going to open their mouth and english is going to come out. .  I did see Elder Cross at a conference. That is so cool that you get to go to Arizona next month. I am so happy for you! When you´re there you can give Natalie a hard time and ask her why I never hear from her! Haha

I am not going to lie but I dont think the mission has ever been so hard until now! I am starting to understand people but I am still having a hard time speaking. I really do miss talking to people. I love tough things! I keep telling myself that.

Mom for breakfast I eat cereal every morning. Then lunch I eat a huge sandwich if the members don´t feed us and then we dont eat dinner till we finish planning about 930 and I might have another sandwich or something with peanut butter that I smuggles into the country because I cant by it anywhere here. The sleeping bag has been working pretty well. I especially love my liner for my sleeping back. I didn't start using the sleeping bag untill I got here. We I first got here the weather was pretty cold but It is really anymore. Up until saturday its been raining. and a lot of the roads in out area a dirt so I walk a lot in mud so far. haha And we probably walk about 15 miles or like 6 hours a day. Its crazy! And our house isnt even in our area. Its 8 streets away from our area and it talks about 15 minutes to get there. 

Our house I dont think you even want to know. Haha. Its pretty bad. It has a leaky roof so when it rains we have pans out. Lets just say that its not the cleanest place. We are going to try to look for a new place to live that is closer to our area. We do have other missionaries living with us. One is from Argentina and the other is from Mexico so I am in a house full of latinos. I guess thats what I get for praying for the gift of tounges. Haha. Oh and about the money. Let´s just say for 1 US dollar is worth almost 5 Pesos here. So things can be pretty pricy here. Oh and I ride a bus at least 4 times a week and a taxi 2 times. I would have never thought that I would have ever rode in a taxi.

So today is actually a holiday here where people dont work. I dont get it. I we were actually lucky we found this place that was open today. And I did my laundry today. that was fun. Luckly we have a washer but it hardly works its just like puting your clothes in a tub of soap and water. and then you have to wring out your clothes to let them dry. And for your G´s for everyone to see! Haha! We don´t ever have time to do anything especially since the stores close in the middle of the day.

So All my mail will first go to the mission office and then they send it out from there. And I hear that regular mail takes like three weeks to get here. I did hear that people can send Dearelder.com letters and it takes like a week maybe and that its more likely to get to me and faster too. So before I forget my mailing address is:

Elder Colton Frederick Schroeder
Misión Argentina Bahía Blanca
Chacabuco 1755
(8000) Bahía Blanca

Well my time is short and I hope that y´all are doing great. I love and miss y´all so much! I pray for y´all everyday! Take care and y´all have a blessed week!

Les Amo,
Siempre y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder
Ps I will try to send some pictures if I have time next week! :)

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