I´M IN ARGENTINA! I am doing great! Let me start off by saying it is hard to type on this keyboard. Haha. I was so good to talk to you and Dad on monday! Sorry I wasn´t able to call you in Miami. I tried but the phone wasn´t taking my coins. I do feel really bad. I took for ever to get to Bahía Blanca. From when I left South Carolina it took 41 hours and to get to my new area from south Carolina it was over 60 hrs. I really wasn´t a big fan of traveling. Oh and I flew on your dream plane too. I was a very smooth ride.

So first off I am in Punta Alta it is an hour from Bahía Blanca. My companion is Elder Retamales he is from Santiago, Chile! He doesn´t speak very much english but more than most spanish speakers. Its really difficult to understand one another at times. We speak to each other using a dictionary. Haha. He is way cool though and super funny. by the way, no one speaks English. That´s okay but its just a little frustrating. And me and Elder Retamales were white washed into this area and so that means neither of us know this area because we are both new here. You know ever since the mission I really am not as talkative. Especially I dont know what people are saying to me and I don´t know how to respond. The Spanish here is way different too. They speak castillano and they sound Italian and the cut a lot of s´s off of their words. Argentina is definitely a different world and a different kind of south then the south in the US. Oh and they dont have animal control here so there are dogs everywhere and when you walk on the sidewalks you have to watch the ground or you might step in poo. Its great! 

The buildings and houses look a lot different. I will have to take a picture and send one to you. They don´t use toilet paper here either except in public restrooms and they use budes(I dont know how to spell it but they look like a toilet and it sprays your bum to clean it then you use paper towl or toilet paper to dry off). It was a big shock to me. I think I am going to have one in my futuro house. And all they eat here is like bread and pasta and fruit for dessert and they have small breakfasts and dinners and a big lunch. Then from like 1 to 5 its Ciesta time where all the shops close and the streets are bare. Because they are all eating and taking naps. Its really interesting. During that time we walk around trying to find people to talk and teach on the streets. This place is so weird that I love it. Oh and when we have meals with the members we eat lunch with them. And milk comes in a bag and everything you buy comes in a package and in a lot smaller packages for more money.They only have 3 McDonalds through out the mission and 2 WalMarts and they are both really expensive here. Its where the rich people shop. Haha. Oh and they drive crazy here. A lot of streets dont have stop signs or lines in the road. You would have a heart attack if you were in a tax here. We do have a new mission president, President Parreño. He is was sweet I like him a lot. He is from Spain and has a completely different accent. Spaniards talk with a lisp. I doing no any better way to explain Argentina other that completely different.

I hope I have answered all your questions. I am running out of time but before I go I want to tell you that My miracle of the week is we possible found an investigator that can be baptised. Mom Dad I love this place! Thank you for everything. I love y´all so much! Y´all have a blessed week now!

Les Amo,
Siempre y Para Siempre,
Elder Schroeder

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