Hey Family! 

Thank you for emailing me this week. Haha Its been way too long. I missed hearing from you and its so good to hear from my family. I am actually here in North Charleston. I love it here even though I still dont know anything. I think a big part of it is my new companion.

One of the standing quotes that we say everyday at the begining of companion study is:

"I love tough things
I am the first to do tough things
I do tough things first

Elder Gustafson really is that kind of missionary and he has pushed me so much already to do so many things and its only been 5 days. I am actually able to speak spanish a lot better. He is so great! He is from Gilbert, AZ. He is a spanish elder. We strickly work with Spanish and we mostly work in a lot of trailer parks. That's one of the places that you really find the majority of them. Oh and since I have been here I have been eating grits everyday almost every meal too. Grits really aren't as bad as I thought they were and you can put just about anything in them.

I think my miracle this week is God has really helped me a lot with understanding and and speaking spanish even though it is still a barriar I love trying to speak even it I dont speak perfect. That is one think I am working on tearing down my wall of my fear of making mistakes(perfectionism).

It really was so good to hear from y'all. I am doing great here in Charleston! I am loving my mission even more. It sounds like everything is going good back at home and Mom you be careful. Y'all are in my prayers. I love and miss you so much!

Love Y'all,
Forever and Always,
Elder Schroeder

PS My address is still the same. That was really sweet of Sister hartcastle to do that! . Thank you!

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  1. When are we going to get an update since he has gone to Argentina?