Hey Y'all! 

Is y'all alright?! I didn't get an email from you this week. I missed hearing from you. But I hope y'all know that I am doing great! This week has been pretty interesting and my emotions are getting to me a little ever since Saturday night and we got transfer calls.

Yeah so I have officially been in Newberry, SC for 2 months now. I said that on Saturday we got transfer calls and Turns out that I am being transfered to a different area. I am pretty sad to leave this ward and the people to here that we are teaching. I really have come to love it here. I like how once I start to love the area they yank me out of here. But that's alright I have a feeling my visa will be coming soon after the transfer. I will find out who my new area and companion on Wednesday morning in Columbia. Oh and Elder Wood is on his "Death Bed"(Meaning his last transfer and then he goes home). It's kind of a weird situtation  because I haven't finish my training and you are usually with your trainer for at least 12 weeks. So today all I am doing really is packing again. Its the think I like to do every 2 months. Haha!

So We had a lesson with a lady named Sister Austin(non-member), We have been coming by her house ever since I came here. She wasn't anyone that was progressing just because she is so strong in the baptist church but our last lesson with her was awesome. We read 3 Nephi 11 with her which talks about when Christ comes to the American continent. We taught her about the gospel and about baptism and the Right Authority. So she wants to really read the book of mormon to know for herself it is true.

We had another lesson with a Spanish lady who has been taught for 7 months now. And when we were there and teaching her we had a crazy experience. They were all speaking spanish and I was trying to follow along but as soon as I started loosing it I was getting frustrated because I wanted to speak but when I loose what is being said in spanish I start getting sleepy. Then Elder Wood said he had the strong impression that he needed to start talking in english because he needed me to bear testimony. No worries she speaks and understands english too. But as soon as Elder Wood stopped talking and looked at me. I was filled with the Spirit and I wish you could have been there to feel it. I just dont know how to explain it but it is so strong and I love nothing more than to bear testimony of what I do know.

Then on Saturday we had a ward social which was really fun and we had two of our investigators there! It was so much fun. It's really sad to say by to these people. Us missionaries are so weird to we play all sorts of sports with our missionary attire on. Haha!

Well I Really hope that y'all are doing well! I love and miss y'all so much! I hope to hear from y'all next week! Y'all take care and have a blessed week!

Love Y'all,
Forever and Always,
Elder Schroeder

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