Dear Family!

How are y'all doing?! I am doing great! I had a pretty good week. Not too much has happened this week. On the 4th, we went to some ward members down at lake Murry and we had a get together with the black and spanish folks in the ward. We had all sorts of food ribs and Mexican food galore. It was really weird because it was like a pool party and half of the people were half dressed. AAHH! Haha but it was still fun. Then we had a sweet lesson with one of our investigators. And we met with one and it turns out the law of chastity wasn't explained very well to her because she thought she couldn't go on dates anymore.

I am so glad that you got my SD card. Yeah most of them are from the MTC but the picture of the snake was just off the side of the road but those things are everywhere. That would be great if you could put it on a disc or even get them developed instead but I don't really care.

Yeah I wrote Garth Hall last P-day so he should have gotten in by now. And I did write Ryan but you might need to message him on Facebook and send him my email address.
We had three people at church again this week. One of the people we are teaching is a girl named Shea and she is 20 years old with 4 kids. She is so sweet though and she wants to change so bad and she wants a better life for her children. She loves church too and I feel that she will get baptised because she really wants to.

Oh and I had my 2nd flat tire this week I dont know if you could count that as a miracle and then 2 days later Elder wood got one! Haha But I think its a miricle that we have three people still that are looking real solid.

I'm sorry I dont have to much to share this week. I am glad you got to see Lisa this week too. Oh and I haven't heard about my Visa but as far as I know there are two of missionaries that I knew from the MTC are in Argentina so I think my time is getting closer. We I got to got going but I love y'all so much and Y'all have a Blessed Week!

Love Y'all,

Forever and Always,

Elder Schroeder

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