Sorry my letter is late today. The computers where down at the library for a while but no worries they are working now! So how are all y'all doing? I am just doing great. The work is looking better and better. Sadly we aren't teaching many Spanish people. Mostly colored but you know the gospel is for everyone. The Lord prepares all sorts of people for us to teach.

For a while we couldn't get anyone to do the commitments that we would leave with them but we were still trying to work with them. So we couldn't get our investigators to church but this last week was so good. We found some great people. We had nine people committed to come to church but only 3 of them showed up and is was so good. And let me just tell you that Fast and testimony meetings freak me out a little bit because I am afraid what some of the members will say but it turns out that they loved all of church. It's amazing to see the people that are placed a long the path that are just waiting for an answer from God.

And I am in just a branch and they have Spanish people and people to translate. My Spanish isn't getting any better because I don't really have much of an opportunity to speak it but I know it will when I get to Argentina. What new is that it is super hot. Its gotten above 110 degrees. You feel like you just open an oven door. And I am seriously constantly sweating all the time.

So on Tuesday night I ate Menudo. I was pretty tasty. Definitely more slimy and just like slides down your throat. So Menudo is actually cow intestine and stomach. Haha It tastes a little like salsa. But oh man, I don't think it matters where you are in the world you eat all sorts of weird food. I do love it though.

I still haven't heard from Madison. You might need to give her my missionary email address. And I haven't heard about my Visa yet. But I did have a friend receive his so I could be leaving about any day now. So we will have to see. I will do my best to give dad a call if I have time in the airport. And I am so glad to hear your cancer isn't back, Mom! :)

Well I got to get going. I dont have any time left. Y'all have a blessed week now. I love Y'all so much.

Love Always and Forever
Elder Schroeder

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