Dear Family!
How are all y'all doing? I miss y'all so much! I am doing great! 
I told you that I have eaten liver since I have been here. That was interesting. This week I had Pasole! Haha It's a Mexican soup. It is cooked with corn kernal things and I dont know what else and then they throug a chicken leg in there or a pigs foot just depends what area of mexico that person is from that cooks it. I have had the one with the chicken leg twice. I have had the one with the pigs foot only once and that was on friday. I was really interesting. You basically are just eating the skin and fat. Not the best texture but it was still way good. Haha. They we occassionally get some southern cooking too.
Well We haven't been able to teach the troubled teens or their mother or the lady with cancer. But I do have some pretty exciting news. A Mexican lady that we have been teaching since I have been here and the missionaries have been teaching since like December. Is finally getting baptised. We hope that she can keep the commandments and stay strong so she can be baptised on saturday! Then We are teaching a black man and a less active lady and her non member daughter. We have had quite a few really strong spiritual lessons. I hope that they continue to work at this because if they can make it to baptism. I know it will help them so much.
We had a mission conference with Elder William Walker. He is from the Quorum of the seventy and he is like over all the temples throughout the whole world. It was way good. Ok so he said that he had an interview with Barbara Walters on ABC and that it will be airing on July 6th I think. They talk about different religions and they beliefs about heaven. You should watch it. It sounds interesting.
I loved me Package thank you so much. The ties made me so happy and I thought it was so cool because those were the ties Trev wore on his mission. They were perfect. Thank you for the SD Card too. I will try to seen you mine that I have so you can see some pictures but I might not seen it till next week. Thank you again for the gift card! It was all perfect.
Oh and the other week I forgot to mention I mowed a lawn for the first time. I am going to make sure to write Ryan today and hopefully a bunch of other people.
And the other day we went to visit the Garcia family and I was asked to say the prayer before we left. I mad another mistake. When I prayed I kept referring them as the Gonzalez Family in my prayer. They were really nice about it and didn't say anything. I didn't even reallize until we left and  Elder Wood was cracking up so bad. He wont let me live it down. At least God know my heart. Haha!
Well I have to go! I miss y'all. I love y'all so much too.  All y'all have a blessed week now and stay out trouble!
Love Y'all Forever and Always,
Elder Schroeder

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