ear Family,
It is so good to hear from you! I miss y'all of you so much.How are all y'all doing? I am doing doing good. This week hasn't been to eventful but it has been very strange.

So my birthday was definitely interesting not to much happened but we were on that day. That day we probably rode about 35 miles if not more all around town to our appointments and what not. For lunch Elder Wood made me me a huge pancake. I didn't really tell him when my birthday was he just knew it was sometime this last week. And for dinner we had a powerbar and gatorade. We were on the run and I didn't want to stop. Unfortunately we didn't have too much success with our investigators and rounding them up for church because none of them showed. Its pretty heart breaking when that happens. My mail goes straight to the Mission office and so the package you sent got there on Friday and they couldn't forward it because it was Fed-ex but I will get it on Friday because we have a zone conference. So no worries. I did get a package from Lisa and her mom. It had gummy worms and a Toy Story light. Do you know how I got her a Ken doll to be her boy friend. Well she sent me a Barbie and made her all modest it was funny. Liz also sent me a card that was super sweet of her. I have so many people I have to write and part of the reason is I ran out of stamps and so I need to go and buy some more. But my birthday was pretty good.

Yesterday we went to Saluda again and did some tracting. There are so many Guatemalans down there. It is such a weird little town. I met this crazy man and he is about 4'9" tall maybe shorter. The best part.... he was drunk Guatemalan. He shook our hands like crazy. He starred at a woman passing  behind us and after she left. He said beautiful women and made smooching sounds. It was hilarious. he then gave me a hug. He said we were amigos. He just talked and talked and talked. Then he shook my hand and kissed it this time like you would a girls. Then We started talking about Jesus Christ and he broke out into song  about God and Jesus and prayer and using hand motions and getting way into it. They we cheered him and he went off again. I was cracking up so bad inside. I love this. I never get to meet people like this. It sure is interesting out here.

I do love it here in South Carolina! I haven't heard about my visa yet but I should can anytime next week and after that. I guess if you are waiting for a visa they have you stay in that mission for at least 6 weeks so I don't know yet when I will get it. I will be a surprise. I am going to be a little sad leaving this place with a washer and dryer and a car and a bike and a Walmart. Haha ;) I am excited though to be fully immersed in Spanish.

Well I have got to go but I love y'all so much. I am sorry I missed father's day. I hope dad got my letter a few weeks ago. I sent is so I would miss father's day. Well I hope he did and let him know that I was thinking of him. You are always in my prayers. I miss y'all!
All y'all have a blessed week!

Love Y'all Forever and Always,
Elder Schroeder

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