06.11.2012. / He's starting to say Y'all!!

It is always so good to hear from you! I when I read your emails I feel like I can hear your voice. And I think about all of you all the time! Every night when I get ready to crawl into bed I think about the huges that you give me and I pray for those everynight and when I do I just hit the pillow and I am out.
So we met with the lady that has cancer again and it turns out that she is feeling better about life. I know that she really believes and has a lot of faith in God. She is a Baptist but it turns out that she don't have the normal baptist beliefs. She is way smart and know a lot more about the truth then most. She said that she could believe the restoration and now only that she acts on the answers she receive.
We haven't been able to teach the troubled teens but we did teach their mother and I know that she felt the spirit and that we touched her heart. I just hope that we can continue to teach all of them.
The Spanish I dont know if it is getting any better right now. Its nothing like the MTC where I can study it like I am because I really only get 3 or maybe 4 fours of language study a week. That makes it really hard. I am really trying though.
So yesterday, we went to another part of our area in Saluda. And we met with some of the members there. But I know I probably shouldn't have favorites but my favorite members are the Berry sisters. They are like in there 80's. They are the sweetest ladies. They never married but that's because they were the only members in saluda growing up. In fact, as children they use to use there front room of their home for church. They were both born in that house and they say they both want to die in that house. Those women are really are some of the sweetest and funniest ladies that I know. I think if I just don't happen to get married in this life I want to marry one of the Berry sisters. Haha! Oh I just wish y'all could meet them.
I am having a much better week this week too. I have really learned to appreciate my companion after I had a day with another elder during a companion exchange.
Well I got to get going but I love you all so much and I hope that all is going well. Thank you mom and dad for emailing me every week I appreciate it! All y'all mean so much to me! Y'all make it a blessed week now and stay out of trouble, you hear me! Haha ;)
Love Y'all Forever and Always,
Elder Schroeder

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