Dear Family!
How are all y'all doing? I miss you all so much! The time here is flying by and I can't believe I have been here for three weeks and that I have almost been out for 3 months. I am kinda sad that Its going so fast. I am doing good though.
I'm really not in Kansas anymore. Let's just say that Idaho and Utah are very good places to live. :) My patience has definitely been tried this week. So like I told you my companion has been sick with some virus and he has had diarrhea for like a week. So we didnt make it our too much this last week which had me bummed. And I think because we haven't been out so much he has been kinda grumpy. And he has ADHD which makes it kinda difficult too since he refuses to  take his medication for it. I still love him though.
Like I said we haven't been out as much as we had liked and so we haven't really made it to the lady with cancer or our troubled teen investigators. I dont know if I am aloud to give names. But we try to stop by and call them every chance that we get. Did you know that there is a lot of anti here? It is so ridiculous. It seems the people that we teach, everything goes well then J-Dubs end up teaching them too. There is seriously a church on every street here. This definitely isn't home but it's where I know I need to be.
What if I told you I think I know why I was called to South Carolina? Would that maybe worry you a little? Let's just say I think I just met my  future in-laws this week. Ok I am just kidding. Haha!
I am super happy for Greg and Trinity that they ave able to spend some time together. That was Really nice of Carrie. I hope they enjoy this time together. Mom how is work going? I still can't believe you are able to go back. That makes me so happy! And to answer your question I honestly dont know what I want for my birthday. In fact, I was kinda hoping you wouldn't ask. I think maybe a few polyester ties nothing too fancy. I honestly cant thing of anything.
Well I have got to go but I love you All y'all  have a great week! Tell everyone hello for me! I miss you a ton! Y'all have a blessed week now! Kay Bo?! haha!
Love Y'all Forever And Always,
Elder Schroeder

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