I am sorry I wasn't able to email on monday because of memorial day and then Elder Wood was sick both monday and Tuesday so we didn't make it to the library. I am doing good though. I am loving it here even though it is so humid and I sweat from every pore nearly every single day. Haha. The work is exhausting but its fun. I feel like that its going to be hard leaving here to go to Argentina when the time comes that I am suppose to go. I am so glad to hear that everyone is doing well.
So last week I ate liver for the first time at a Mexican lady's home. She is one of our investigators. I dont know if you have had it but it doesn't taste bad but it definitely has a different texture after you have chewed it a little. We are also teaching some teens that are trouble makers but the cool thing is that we taught them the first lesson and the Spirit was so strong. They knew they were feeling it too. They have been telling their friends about what they felt too. Which is way cool so I hope that we can teach them again and some of there friends. We were going to leave them with a pamplet to read but the cool thing is they were like we want to read that and they were pointing at the Book of Mormon so we gave them a copy.
So the other day we were out tracting and we were in a trailer park but that's were most of the Spanish people are. And we knocked this trailer and this black woman answered and she was a mess. Elder Wood asked if we could leave a blessing on her home and so she invited us in. we went in and sat down and she just started balling and as I watched her I felt so much love for this woman. And the cool thing was I new what the matter was because I saw a little bit of my mother. I hope this makes sense. She was just diagnosed with cancer 3 days before. I mentioned you to her and how much the gospel has blessed yours and all of our lives especially during that time in our life. We have an appointment to meet with her again. I am anxious to see her again.
I have got to go but I love you all and I hope you are all doing well. I hope to hear from everyone soon. Sorry again that its Wednesday that you finally hear from me. All Y'all are in my prayers. Y'all have a blessed week now and stay out of trouble!
Make it a great week!
Love Y'all Forever and Always,
Elder Schroeder

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