How are you doing?! I am doing good. I had a little bit of a rough time here but I am doing great. I cant wait till I can get outta here! haha! I want you know know that I should find out tomorrow where my reassignment is. So I should be able to call you to let you know where and when I will be leaving possible on Thurday or Friday maybe Saturday. So make sure you have your phone on you at all times probably more likely in the evening though and I will be sure to call dad to let him know too, especially if you don't pick up. I cant wait to here you. I know this phone call will be so short but I will have another one with you when I am in the airport unless I get reassigned in Utah. Haha.
So yesterday we had a devotional yesterday and it was really good. Elder D. Todd Christoffersen came and spoke to us. It was about the doctrine and I was impressed with him. So the makes 5 apostales since i have been here. One more and I could of had half of the quorum of the twelve. Haha!
So in my district we have something called the hot seat and its where someone sits in the middle of the classroom and every one goes around the room saying at least one thing that they like about a person. I was in the HOT SEAT this morning it was cool. I wasn't to fond of the Idea but It was nice to hear that peoplesee some of my traits that I consider weeknesses as strengths. I really do love my district and my companion. It is going to be hard when we split up and go our separate ways.
So We still dont have our visas obviously, but I dont think it will be too long after that we do get them. I just like to think that there is someone where ever I go that I am met to help bring them unto Christ. I am really excited to get out of here but I starting to get really nervious about going. I am excited to get started in the work and meet and talk and love people. I am nervous about leaving and teaching and being on my own. It will be a great experience though! :)

Elder Schroeder

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