Dear Family,

So our schedules changed up here at the MTC and so now our pdays are on Wednesdays and so you are going to have to be sure to change up your calendar. Yeah it kinda stinks that I didn't get to hear from you guys this week. I have been thinking about how you guys!

So things have been going pretty good. Yesterday after a workshop I was kinda having a hard time and was feeling a lot of negative feeling. And I was praying all the way up until the devotional. Elder Russel M Nelson and Sister Wendy Nelson spoke to us! It was so good and it definitely  helped and i lifted me up. He talked about THE DOCTRINE and it was just amazing how simple everything is and how complicated we sometimes make it out to be. So since I have been here Elder Oakes, Elder Ballard, President Packer, and Elder Nelson have come to speak to us. It has been such a blessing. And I was sitting three rows away from the stand and I felt like Elder Nelson kept looking at me but I think he kept looking at the couple sitting in font of me because I believe they were just called to be the new mission presidents over a mission in Taiwan. I love Elder Nelson.

I don't know why but this morning I am feeling kinda down again.  I am working on doing a personal inventory so I can get myself together again. No worries though really. I just am sorry if my email just sounds like i'm lifeless or something. I am doing my best to rely on the Lord because I know he will take care of me. Like I have said I feel like we have to experience our own Garden of Gethsemane but not alone. Missions aren't suppose to be easy because it would be a mockery to the Lord and His mission. They aren't just to be endured but they are to be enjoyed. I am so glad that I am here no matter how much I miss my family because I know the mission is blessing you and blessing me as well.

So I am pretty comfortable farting around my district now. They are so much like my brothers. I love them so much. My companion still amazes me. He is a great guy and has been such a great support to me. He definitely makes things easier well most of the time. He has helped me to have more confidence in myself. We have 3 weeks left here in the MTC. Crazy huh?!?! I really hope that we get our visas in time. Pray for us. the district before us were suppose to leave for Argentina on Monday last week but their visas didn't make it in time so they are getting reassigned state side till their visas come. They are supposed to find out sometime this week and leave this next Monday. I'm crossing my fingers!

So this week has been good though, really. How are you doing? I'm sorry my time is really short and running out. I miss you all! Let me know everything that happened. Well I love and miss you a ton. I hope you have a great week.

Elder Schroeder

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