Dear Family,

Oh its so good to hear from you! I miss all of you so so much and I cant believe how fast time is flying by. The days are long but the weeks sure go by fast. Its hard for me to even believe that I have been here for 4 weeks and a day! Woohoo! It definitely sounds like things are going well at home. How are you mom? How is dad and greg?

So Me and Elder Parkes just got back from the meeting with the consul. It was cutting into out laundry time but that's alright. We ended up having time and it went faster than I would have thought. Everything went well, the Consul told us a lot about the Argentina because she is a native and know quite a bit. It sounds like we might get our visas in about a month. Hopefully it will happen sooner. We are suppose to leave on May 15 for Argentina. She said a big difference is the water and that we will just have to get use to it. WHen I first got here they gave us a bag full of our books in english and spanish that we would need as we study Spanish and the Gospel. And they gave us a water bottle that has a filter. haha That definitely made me laugh.

I think I am starting to sleep better but I am still sleep talking but not nearly as much but some of it is apparently in Spanish. Haha who would have thought?!
Are you talking about the chocolate that was in the package from Konnie Nielsen? Yes I did get it! I haven't opened it quite yet. I got like 4 packages since my last P-day. So I have enough goodies to last me 2 years and so I definitely have food to share. But I got some goodies that I dont know if I can share. Oh and Konnie sent me some CRAP! haha its so funny. I cant wait to use it!

SO on Easter Sunday we only had one General authority come and speak. It was President Packer! it was amazing. I love him. His wife wasn't able to make it so his son Allen Packer came and spoke to us. They did such a great job.

I did get Mary's letter and it was so sweet of her to rite me. I just have like 12 people to write so I am trying hard to get it all done. I really only have p-days to write so that makes it difficult. I cant believe its almost tax day I mean dad's birthday! haha! I am sorry I dont have a card to send him. Tell him Happy birthday for me and that I am thinking of him. Tell Greg hello for me. I am doing good on money. Well I have to go! I love you all so much! Have a great day and a wonderful week!

Elder Schroeder

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