Dear Family!

I am doing pretty good. I definitely have my moments of discouragement probably about every other day but they don't happen too long. I am still definitely trying to be patient with myself. The language is still coming... slowly but I guess when me and Elder Parkes were teaching at the TRC he said I talked most of the time but I doubt that. Yeah Elder Parkes two years of spanish. So he is a head of me and knows a lot more words. I still have a hard time understanding what others are saying when they are speaking in spanish.

So I have some news--I am suppose to meet with the the visa agent on monday and the consul of Argentina on Thursday for our visas. I am guessing this is good news because I know they were having a hard time with visas in Argentina but not nearly as bad a Mexico. I am so excited!

Conference was really good! I have to admit thought I only heard like 3 talks on Saturday because I kept falling asleep! Bleh! But I did stay awake all the way through priesthood session. Saturday and Sunday were really nice because of conference but we got to go on temple walks between conference. I love going to the temple!

And Easter Sunday I think Will be the best Sunday I will ever have! We get to have three general authorities come and speak to us during a huge sacrament meeting. How often do you get to have sacrament with three general authorities?! I am hoping that one will be President Monson. My fingers are crossed!

I have so many people to write! At least ten and who knows I might get one or two more letters today. I think there has only been two days that I haven't gotten mail. Its been really nice to hear from people and know that I do have so many people that support me.

I am so glad to hear that everything is going so well. I know blessing are coming. I don't think I could even consider going on a mission a sacrifice because these blessing are worth way more than anything else I could have done just staying home and working or going to school.

 I am not quite sure what my favorite scripture is but one of them is Alma 7:11-12. 

Well I got to get going my time is really short I love guys so much! Tell everyone hi and Greg that I am sorry that I missed his birthday. Tell Him that I love him and hello and happy late birthday! Have a great week!!!

Elder Schroeder

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