Hey family,

 I  really dont have much time write. I   feel like on Tuesday I  had a lot of blessing of answers pouring out from the heavens and I feel a lot better about things. Elder parkes says my spanish is really improving. So that makes me feel good. i guess they started this new program last july that helps missionaries learn the lanuages better. I am so grateful fir that. Yeah My companion reported the same day i did and my companion is going to the same mission as me but hopefully  our visas come through in time. Oh and I guess that  Elder Mills when he was here I was in his old zone. I only get to work with a ZRT for an half an hour. And then PMG stands for Preach My Gospel. My sleeping is getting better within these last two days but I still talk alot and I snore quite a bit. I had a dream bout playing wii with Madison, Harlee, and Gracee. My companion said that I said that I love hanging out with my neices  in my sleep. and they said I was speaking a little bit of spanish too. Haha who would have ever thought that I would be having dreams in spanish. I am still having a hard time understanding when people  to me in spanish. I am doing good though. Thank you. well I have to go! I love you and tell greg and everyone Hola! for me and that I love them! I cant wait you hear from you next week you have a great week and I am so glad to hear that you are doing well. I feel like  some of those blessing are being sent home.

Elder Schroeder

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