Colton's First Letter


How are you guys doing? I am doing pretty well here. I am sorry my email wont be very long. I miss you guys! So My first day at the MTC was pretty good. It was overwhelming when I first went in to the classroom and my teacher Brother gentry was just speaking spanish. Then I met my new companion Elder Parkes he is from Sacramento California. He is a quite guy. It kinda bugs me because I love to talk. I secretly think he doesnt really like me so much because I have gotten about two letters and four or five Dear Elders. I dont blame him thought that can be kinda discouraging. I feel for the guy. I really cant wait for him to recieve some mail. I love the guy though I know he is trying and We both arent use to having each other stuck to one another's hip. He is a good guy. 
We were teaching an investigator on Friday and she is from Argentina so she only speaks spanish that was frustrating. Elder Parkes saved me because I had no idea how to comunicate with her. I havent been able to sleep well except for last night I felt like I actually was asleep but I was dreaming all night. I guess I have been talking in my and I guess I keep saying I can do this and I can learn this language and that I just need to be patient. Haha I am pretty embarrassed!

So I don't mean to give you a scare mom but I had my first panic attack on Thursday! :) haha! I was trying to talk to one of the other elders in my district who was acting as an investigator and I all of a sudden I couldnt feel my legs and my hands were going numb and it was moving up my arms. I was panting and couldn't breath. I was so scared. But oh boy was it cazy! That just has never happened to me! My teacher, Brother Gentry took me out into the hallway and sat me down and talked to me and  helped me settle down. He is really a cool guy.

I am still trying my best to get into the routine of things. The elders say if you could make it to sunday you will be alright. So far I say I am doing pretty good considering. Oh and they say dont drink the orange juice they never say why though. So I drank it anyways. It was actually pretty good and it didnt do anything to me.

By the way my Preparation days are not on Mondays. They will be on Thursdays. This next week will be better! I need to go so some of the other elders can write home I love you guys. Take care. You guys are in my prayers. Keep me updated!

Love Elder Schroeder

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  1. Great first letter. I'm so glad you are doing this. I am so excited for him and the people who will get the opportunity to be taught by him. So great!!