What is going on?!

Well my Mom just came back from visiting with the doctor and we have good new and bad news!

Good New: The two tests that they gave her came back negative so they say she has no cancer!

Bad News: The doctor couldn't tell us what is wrong so now she has to make a visit to see a neurologist. And she is getting a lumbar puncture on Thursday. Radiation could have done this to you.

Nothing seems more frustrating than to have the doctors tell you that they don't know that is going on and tell you have to go somewhere else or take different tests! I wish we new something!

I pray that they will be able to help my poor mother. It really makes me sad to see her go though these trials. I know that she is an amazing woman. If you would just please keep her in your prayers. I would greatly appreciate it!

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  1. ooooh you now have a new follower to your bloggg! now i can REALLY stalk you.