Truely Man

I have been pretty good to keep well shaved but I didn't have a reason to shave.So I didn't! And I honestly hate shaving like everyone else. I have never been a fan of facial hair and I don't think there are too many people to pull it off, including myself. I discovered I have like 3 different colors of whiskers growing out of my face light blonde, brown, and RED! Weird, right?! And I had patches where light blonde was growing and It looked like I had some bald spots.

 I know it doesn't grow to fast after 5 days but it is the longest I have ever let it grow.

I don't think I will try growing that thing again! At least not til after I get home from Argentina. Maybe I should just wait till after I get married that way I don't have to worry about her changing her mind if she saw it.

Ok, maybe the red hair shouldn't be to much of a shocker. I did have some red hair as a baby!


  1. haha this post is silly. my dad enjoys googling people's names for fun. (He's completely new to the internet) and he googled trevor's name and found your blog. so funny!

  2. Haha Oh no! I'm embarrassed! I didn't think people would really find it. Well I will try to be a little more careful.