I'm such a MAN!

For those of you who don't know me I am actually quite a sensitive guy who cries during chick flicks and sacrament meetings but for over a month I really haven't felt like myself! I have felt like I was emotionally detached from the world around me as if I was numb and lifeless. And I had so many moments that I just was wanting to cry but I just couldn't. I know this sounds stupid but honestly I love crying!

I am not sure if you have ever seen any episodes of "The District" that are on missionary work and Preach my Gospel, but it was really testimony building and encouraging. I definitely was feeling the spirit tears were just flooding out. Then that night when everyone was in bed I watch the "Karate Kid" and I had at least three moments that I was losing it!

Now I can say that I am feeling better now that I can cry AGAIN because I sure was miserable!

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