My Poor Throat!!!

I was really debating whether or not to post this just because the pictures are somewhat disturbing and disgusting! That just might be an understatement. So Thursday I was having a small sore throat and thought if I took a bunch of vitamin C I would clear up and go away and I did this for two day. Saturday morning I did not sleep well and I felt like maybe I had the stomach flu so I called in work sick. Then later that afternoon I took a nap and I woke up and my throat was feeling ten times worse, so I found a flashlight to look at my throat. It looked horrible! I was so grossed out I have no idea how this could have happened. It is so painful, especially when I swallow. I didn't really realize how much I swallow throughout the day because each time it is unbearably painful!

Saturday night, at 8 my Dad takes me to Redicare and we are waiting in the waiting room for 2 hours and once we got called back to a room we didn't leave for another hour and a half. Got to love spending your Saturday nights like this. And while we were waiting in the room my Dad started getting restless, impatient, and moody and this did not help my headache. I do appreciate him taking me though. The doctor did end up talking to us he said that the swab test came back negative and he said that the test isn't always accurate. So de prescibed me antibiotic and some stuff for me to gargle. I hope the meds work!

WARNING: You are about to witness some disturbing pictures of my tonsils.

Ready to see some NASTY pictures of my throat?!

Prepare yourself!

Trust me they might make you sick!

That's how it makes me feel realizing that was really coming for my tonsils.

This first one was taken on Saturday.

These were taken this morning.

Eww, right?

Hopefully with the antibiotics the doctor prescribed it will help clear it up!

I leave for Arizona in 11 days!

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