This is what I happen to wake up to this Friday morning! One of my best buds missing!!! Well I guess I should say he has new owners now.

Oh Blue, I know we have had our differences from the leaky power steering, to the cracked windshield, to the flat tire on Taylor Mountain, to the bumper getting riping off in the school parking lot, and to the MPG but these last 3 years together have been great. I also have to mention Trev because Cherokee really wasn't mine but he kinda was because while Trev was go on his mission he left the jeep in my posession. And when Trev returned home, not too long after her bought Lizzie's old Honda Civic. So Cherokee has been pretty much my ride for the last 3 years!
I know we have had our times but he was always so good to me and always got me to where I need to go. I didn't really realize how hard it is to write this and not cry!
I just keep having all these memories flooding back that I had with this trusty vehicle that I have come to know so well.
I also remember a time that Cherokee was actually a part of a student film that we had to make for and English project and it was one experience that I won't forget with Shaleen, Caitlin, and Greg. We had used the inside of the jeep to be the inside of a rocket and we were using a Barbie and Greg beat it to death. You just had to be there!

Then the times I would be parked in the school parking lot or parked outside Crystal's house having a serious, sad, or outrageously funny conversation and we were either crying or laughing or talking with british accents. Good Times!

I also had these "moments" when I always did something stupid when I had a friend in the car for the first time with me. I think it was because I would be so nervous having someone new in the car with me and I would be so self-conscious of everything.
The times I did a little bit of off roading or took pictures with friends as we were driving. Or even pulled over to have a little dance party around the car or he would get to hear my friends' deep dark secrets. Oh and to remind everyone, what has been said in Cherokee stays in Cherokee!

Then there were times I would sit in the jeep and just think or meditate. Cherokee has really been one of my good friends that always knew what was going on in my life and my deepest darkest secrets. Some people have there dogs but I had my Jeep! Whenever I was driving, to whereever I was driving I was always saying my prayers but only when I was alone, of course. My Jeep has been one of my best buds!!! It is sad to see you go but I know that your new owners need you now. Be good to them. Don't forget me because I will never forget you, especially because of the constant mark in the street you made that will never go away! Make sure those that are with you are wearing protection. . . . Their seat belt!!!! You sickos!

I will miss you a ton!
And thanks again, Trev! You're the best!

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