AZ Adventure: Day 4

So Saturday night we had a late night and I was up early.... well early enough to go to church but nobody was up. So we didn't go and instead I worked on a puzzle with Natalie. Then that evening I went and visited Jeremy and Calleen and the rest of the family!!!

It was so good to see all of them! They all crack me up and I have missed them all so much! While I was there we also jammed out playing Just Dance 3! It was so much fun and I came prepared with my under armor that's why you see black under my shorts. Stop looking Sicko!!!

This is my second oldest brother, Jeremy and my nephew Thomas! Calleen's family came over for dinner and it was crazy to see how everyone was growing up because I haven't seen some of them for years! When I first got there Thomas wanted to play Mario Kart Wii with me and man he was tough competition!

This is my beautiful niece, Callie! She always makes me feel so lucky to be her uncle because every time she sees me she gives the best squeezes like she hasn't seen me for years and doesn't ever want to let go. She is such a sweet girl!

These are my twin nieces Brooklyn and Katelyn. They are so cute! Brooklyn wasn't shy at all by Katelyn was warming up to me at the end of our visit. They are so fun! We played Honey, Do You Love and Brooklyn came up to me with her big brown and asked do you love me and there was no way that I could smile.

This is my Game-a-holic sister-in-law Calleen. We get along so well! My brother married well. Calleen and Jeremy were dating back when I was a baby and she is just like one of my older sisters! She was telling me how she would ask my mom if she could take me with her to run errands and stuff in her old rusted pickup.
It was so nice to see them again and hopefully I will be able to see them again at Trev's wedding in less than two weeks!!! I love you guys!!!

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  1. I only got to hang out with them once but they're a freakin awesome family. You had some mad adventures in AZ, babayy.